1. What is the nickname of the state of Mississippi? Hint: It’s also a tree and a movie starring Tom Cruise.
  2. There is a very important minority in the state of Florida that is allergic to any politician that could be in any way regarded as a socialist. Who are they?
  3. Apart from English and Spanish which languages are most common in the US? A. German, Vietnamese, Korean, French B. Japanese, Swedish, Portugese, Russian C. Mongolian, Slovenian, Klingon, Esperanto
  4. Who said this? ‘What happens to a Russian, to a Czech, does not interest me in the slightest. What the nations can offer in good blood of our type, we will take, if necessary by kidnapping their children and raising them with us. Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death interests me only in so far as we need them as slaves for our culture; otherwise, it is of no interest to me. Whether 10,000 Russian females fall down from exhaustion while digging an anti-tank ditch interest me only in so far as the anti-tank ditch for Germany is finished.’

5. What does the abbreviation MIA stand for?

6. As of November 2020 have more Americans died of the corona virus than died during the American Civil War?

7. Imagine that I learn Icelandic this year and travel back 500 years and go to Iceland. Will I understand the people there?

8. Sony has recently developed a new Playstation. Which number does this new version have?

9. What was the first item bought with bitcoin?

10. How many bitcoin can there ever exist?

11. Could a situation arise where the paper your money is printed on is worth more than the value printed on the paper?

12. Can you shop at Tesco in Belgium?

13. What’s the biggest difference between kebab in Slovakia and kebab in Belgium? A. In Belgium you can choose from many more sauces B. Belgian kebab is always prepared with beef C. There is no real difference

14. What is the most common serving size for regular beer in Belgium? A. Half a liter B. 25 cl C. 33 cl

15. Can you drink a beer and then legally drive your car immediately after in Belgium?

16. Which drug will give you the ‘munchies’?

17. What happens to most male chicks?

18. Which drug did Hitler not use? A. Cocaine B. Pervitin C. XTC D. Eucodal

19. Did Hitler and Eva Braun have sex?

20. Is there a country where you can find more Polish people than in Poland?

21. Do Flemish people and Dutch people understand each other?

22. Are Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic all in the top ten of countries with the tallest people?

23. Whose faces have been carved into Mount Rushmore?

24. What does it mean when someone is sentenced to jail ‘in absentia’?

25. What is probably more dangerous? A week in A. Caracas, Venezuela B. Tokio, Japan C. Marakesh, Morocco

26. What does the character of Richard Gere do for a living in the movie Pretty Women? A. He is a banker B. He buys companies, breaks them up and sells the parts C. He doesn’t really do anything. He has inherited a massive fortune and keeps himself busy

27. In the movie Before Sunrise a young man and a young woman meet on a train and decide to spend the entire night in a European city. Which one? A. Vienna B. Paris C. Barcelona

28. If a person dies, does his brain show if that person was able to read?

29) If an abandoned child is raised in nature without any contact with people can that child still learn how to speak when it’s found at 14 years of age?

30) What will most likely taste sweeter? Randomly ordered A. Indian food B. Thai food C. Indonesian food

31) Which dessert do some kebab shops offer? A. Baklava B. Chocolate mousse C. Cheese cake

32) In which Belgian city will you probably eat the best sea fish? A. Brussels B. Bastogne C. Oostende

33) Does Colombia have a Pacific coastline AND a Carribean coastline?

34) Are there cities in the world that haven’t been discovered yet?

35) Is Belgian food more similar to French food or more similar to Dutch food?

36) If you order a steak and you want it baked ‘bien cuit’ what is likely to happen? A. The chef will be annoyed and will not use the best quality meat B. The chef will be happy and will choose his best piece of meat for you C. The chef will put your steak in a bit of vodka before baking it

37) Why does our mouth produce more saliva right before we vomit? A. It does not do this B. Nobody knows C. To protect our teeth

38) What is the best reaction to avoid being attacked by a bear? A. To start screaming B. To throw a rock on their nose C. To stand perfectly still

39) Can you take a train from the northern French city of Lille to the southern French city of Marseille and arrive the same day? It’s a distance of over 1.000 kms.

40) Where is the oldest legoland?

41) In which year did Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat on the bus? A. 1965 B. 1959 C. 1955 D. 1948

42) In the movie The Help a maid bakes a cake for her ex-boss which contains: A) Rat poison B) Her own shit C) Glass D) The thumb of a neighbour

43) The popular series Friends had a spin-off. What was the name of the spin-off?

44) Are their health benefits to drinking your own urine?

45) Does Lidl sell guns in Slovakia?

46) What is the largest calibre for commercially produced hand guns? A. .45 B. .50 C. 70

47) What is the name for a group of unicorns? A. A harem B. A blessing C. A uniherd

48) What is the most common color of toilet paper in France?

49) What do lots of Greek hotels demand of their guests? A. To skip breakfast B. To have a drink with the hotel owner C. To never flush toilet paper D. To pee outside in the woods

50) What is a different name for a Turkish bath?