1. How many times has Portugal won the world cup?
  2. Why did Hitler shorten his moustache?
  3. In the series Fawlty Towers John Cleese plays the hotelkeeper Basil Fawlty. Which label is true about him? A. He is so kind that people always take advantage of him leading to hilarious situations B. He is an arrogant and slightly sadistic snob who is deadly afraid of his wife C. He owns a hotel in England, but can’t speak a word of English and doesn’t understant Brittish culture leading to all sorts of hilarious situations
  4. By which book was the 2000 film Cast away starring Tom Hanks inspired?
  5. Russell Crowe has won one oscar so far. For which movie?
  6. What is the name of the biggest technology company in South Korea?
  7. Which actor won the best actor Oscar for the films Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994)?
  8. How can you win the game Stratego?
  9. What is the boardgame Splendor about?
  10. One of the following games is a game where you have to cooperate and the victory or loss is a collective victory or loss. Which one? A. Pandemic B. The Settlers of Catan C. Machiavelli
  11. Who wrote the book Crime and Punishment?
  12. In which country did Che Guevara die?
  13. What is not a movie starring Clint Eastwood? A. The good, the bad and the ugly B. Gran Torino C. The bridges of Madison County D. The wild bunch
  14. The nazis organized all kinds of medical experiments. What is something they didn’t do? A. Infect people with tyfus on purpose B. Cut out the muscles from people’s legs and fill them with paper C. Make them jump from buildings with wings sown to their backs D. Expose people to extreme cold and then try to warm them back up
  15. Why did the nazis keep the hair of their concentration camp prisoners? A. It’s useful to make bombs B. As fuel C. To scare the newly arrived prisoners
  16. The Roman Republic had as its motto ‘Senatus Populusque Romanus’ (SPQR). What does that mean?
  17. According to the legend Romulus and Remus were fed by an animal. What kind of animal?
  18. Was it possible for American slaves to save money and buy their own freedom?
  19. Presidential candidate Joe Biden has 4 children. His eldest son died at age 46. One of his daughters died in a car crash along with his first wife. How did the eldest son die? A. He died in the Iraq war B. He died of a brain tumor C. He died on 9/11.
  20. Age of Empires II allows you to play 35 different medieval society. Which society can you NOT play in the definitive version? A. The Britons B. The Aztecs C. The Dutch D. The Saracens
  21. In Age of Empires II the siege weapon with the furthest range is called A. A Trebucet B. A scorpion C. An onager
  22. What percentage of searches online are related to sex? A. 5 percent B. 10 percent C. 25 percent D. 75 percent
  23. What happens to a man right after he eats something that contains a lot of sugar? A. His testosterone is drastically lower B. He is 200 times more likely to have a nightmare if he falls asleep right after consuming the sugar C. He will lose his sense of smell for about 3 minutes
  24. Can humans lick their own elbows?
  25. Can you sneeze with your eyes open?
  26. True or false: Heterosexual women often prefer to watch lesbian porn.
  27. What are hussars?
  28. Which US state spends the most time on the popular porn site called ‘pornhub’?
  29. Is the planet Mars bigger or smaller than the planet Earth?
  30. In the movie the Good, the bad and the ugly the three characters mentioned in the title go looking for a gold treasure. Who gets the gold in the end?
  31. What is meant by a ‘deus ex machina’ in a story?
  32. True or false? After President Bush won the election in 2004, Republican states saw a jump in porn-related Internet searches. After President Obama won, blue states saw a jump in Internet searches. Researchers suggest that being on a winning team creates a surge of testosterone, which increases sex drive.
  33. What’s a ghost ship?
  34. In which city is the series ‘the undoing’ starring Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman set?
  35. The series ‘The morning show’ is about A. Homelessness B. Inappropriate sexual behavior C. Alcholism
  36. Did native Americans ever use artillery?
  37. Did native American have guns before the arrival of Colombus?
  38. According to the latest research what was Colombus’s real nationality?
  39. Did the Mongols conquer Japan?
  40. In the movie training day Denzel Washington plays a police detective. What is special about him? A. He’s in a wheelchair B. He’s corrupt C. He often hallucinates
  41. Which famous actor spent several years in prison for failing to pay his taxes? A. Wesley Snipes B. John Travolta C. Freddy Murphy
  42. What will be on your plate when you order the dish Coq au vin?
  43. Glaucoma is medical condition that affects which body part? A. The leg B. The arm C. The eye
  44. What is the Miranda warning?
  45. True or false: African American men are 70 percent more likely to develop prostrate cancer than hispanic or white Americans.
  46. What is rickets and how do you get it?
  47. Why does a French albino have a phone?
  48. In the movie Gone with the wind the main character gets some advice from her father. He says there is only one thing that lasts. What is the only thing that lasts? A. Family B. Land. C. Gold
  49. Can computer programmes determine if a new novel will become a bestseller?
  50. What is understood by the story-telling principle ‘show not tell’?