A girl reports a rape, but then retracts her statements. She gets charged with giving false testimony. And then it gets really, really interesting.

Solid acting.

Lots of strong female characters.

Without overdoing it or pouring some weird macho sauce all over the place, because other series and movies go: she can’t be a strong woman unless she is outdoing Rambo, right?

Some of the acting is just stellar.

You get to see several rape cases and the reactions of the women are very realistic. The people behind this show knew what they were doing.

You get a good look behind the scenes of police work. The police isn’t glorified nor villified.

The plot is damn suspenseful.

You also get an accurate depiction of how someone who’s experienced childhood abuse reacts to the world.

Major bonus: finally an example of good therapy!! Most series show shitty therapy sessions. Ok, maybe that’s because most therapists do suck at what they do, but it’s nice to see an effective and realistic approach in a series for once.

Highly recommended.


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