Hungary won the Nobel prize for literature for this book right here. My Hungarian is limited to playing the game Dobble, so it’s the German translation.

As some of you know I have this ‘read 100 German books in the shortest time possible’ going on. I do not own 100 German books at the moment, so this one certainly comes in handy.

I have recently subscribed to Audible, so I did listen to four German books last week.

At first I thought it was cheating. To listen to them and not actually read them with my own eyes. But why should it be cheating?

So far I have only listened to non-fiction books and novels I have read before, but I get the same experience as if I were reading them. I just find it a lot easier to focus when it’s being read to me as I have to be able to do more than one thing at the same time. Audiobooks let me do the dishes while am ‘reading’ a book.

When I will come around to actually read this Christmas gift? Probably on the bus or when am alone at home and can walk around. I can’t just sit there and read a book. I don’t know how I was able to read 50 books a year as a student sitting down.

The internet has destroyed my concentration span.

I can’t stay on topic either!

So… Great Christmas gift! Very thoughtful.

I have lots of Hungarian students here in Slovakia by the way.

I run into so many people who speak Hungarian at home that I am starting to be motivated to learn Hungarian. It’s unlike any language I know so it looks like a tough nut to crack.