Ok, yes, Jess, the main character is my type. Hell, so is her best friend, Cecile or something. Cecile is played by a Leo. They have that regal come and spoil me schtick going on.

That’s part of what keeps me watching.

This lockdown situation IS lowering the bar. Anyone surprised?

Is this a great series? No.

Is it hilarious? God no… In 24 episodes it got two laughs out of me.

Does it have a compelling plot? Plot?

But it has a bubbly kind of energy.

You know why I like it?

I wish I had a friend like Jess.

With benefits.

Or better yet, give me Cece.

She’s arrogant in that sexy way.

And I have a thing for a mocha-ish complexion.

The show itself?

Like Friends, but not as good, cause ALL the characters have the depth of Joey.

Hey, I love Joey, but there is a reason why Joey the series failed. Joey was great, because the other characters did have depth.

Depth is sorely lacking here. And the obviously talented actors just can’t make up for this.

Two seasons in I confess that I just keep watching to see how things develop between Cece and Schmidt. And I doubt that’s going to keep me going for the next 5 seasons…

I mean, at the end of the day I do realize Cece isn’t real and staring at the screen is not going to make her walk through the door.

It’s candy for the soul.

And having binged this series in every free moment for days makes my soul feel more obese than an American who’s won free donuts for life.