Hey, personally I prefer situations of instant attraction and sexual fireworks, but those situations are all too rare for me and most people out there.

So here is some stuff you can bring to a date or an interaction with the woman you desire to create a bond.

Of course am not suggesting you should run around with all these items packed in your backpack or stuffed in your pockets. One or two of these per encounter will do.

And it’s also not the point to behave like some sort of entertainer. Use these items to challenge her. Otherwise you will come off as trying too hard.

Of course you can seduce a woman without any of these items. But they can be fun and make things a little easier.

1. Story cubes

You can get creative with these things. They are a great way to start a conversation. It’s exciting. You can take the cubes out of the box and gently put them in her hands. Anything that ensures subtle hand to hand contact is great. Give her a setting to tell a story with the cubes. Say something like: you and I win a two week holiday in a country of your choice. What happens?

2. The game Dobble

It’s a very simple game. It allows for a lot of teasing. And if you play the right version there is room for lots of subtle hand contact.

3. A book of the suicide bunnies or anything else that’s funny and a little crazy

Anything a little edgy to make her laugh will do. The suicide bunnies is just an example.

4. A book with kokology exercises.

Look it up. Buy it. Use it. Thank me later.

5. A tiny gift. Wrapped.

Don’t give it at the start of the date. It’s more surprising when you give it half way through the date or completely at the end when you’re saying goodbye. By tiny I mean: if it cost more than three dollars it’s too big.

6. Condoms, obviously

I have friends who have missed out on some great opportunities simply because no condoms were to be found…

7. Mints, also obviously

8. A plan

No plan survives contact they say in the military and that’s true, but you should have a plan. A clear idea of where to take her and what to do. You may very well end up doing other things, but you should have a plan.

9. Some sort of cool, but inexpensive food to share

Nothing too fancy. Some brownies. A small bag of cashew nuts. Something small. Cherries, strawberries, raspberries… Sharing food is sexy.

10. A ball, a frisbee or some other playful thing for the two of you to goof around with and get active

Talking is super important, but also get active. Play. Be like children again.

PS. Joe Biden is a corrupt asshole. Obama is a disgusting narcissist. They directly led to walking disaster Donald Trump. They are complicit. It’s good Trump is gone, but things will not get better under Biden who radically opposes universal healthcare and almost anything else that could make society a lot better. He is pro war though. So if you like the sound of brown people getting drone striked in the morning he’s your demented old guy.


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