1. A third party that is able to win elections and represents the people. Not corporations and the financial elite!

2. Cutting all aid to Israel and its regime that habitually murders Palestinian children.

3. Public investments to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources

4. Closing most of its miliary bases overseas

5. Normalizing relationships with countries such as Cuba and Iran

6. Either not meddling in foreign countries under the pretense of defending democracy and human rights OR being consequential. Concrete example: either leave Venezuela alone OR slam Saudi-Arabia with severe sanctions. In short: stop being a hypocrite

7. Legalizing marijuana and decriminalizing all drugs. This will destroy the drug cartels and together with other measures such as universal healthcare will drastically reduce the number of deaths and violence due to drug use. See Portugal for example.

8. Universal healthcare along the lines of what has proven to be an excellent system in all other developed nations.

9. Cutting ties between mainstream journalists and the political establishment

10. Stop seeing the stock market as the measuring device to see how well society is doing

11. Stop trying to isolate Russia while at the same time make a GENUINE effort to promote democracy there

12. Cancel student debt

13. Abolish the electoral college and make voting much easier. Make election day a public holiday.

14. Count ALL unemployed people and stop producing false unemployment figures.

15. Pull out of Afghanistan, Iran and Syria immediately

16. Invest in public infrastructure and social programmes by making funds available that are now going to an oppressive police force or a bloated army

17. Give people regular stimulus checks during the corona crisis to directly boost the economy

18. Raise the salaries of teachers and educate all children not just to – maybe – find some job later but to be active participants in a thriving democracy

19. Stop the censorship on social media. It’s outrageous that alternative news channels are being silenced. The Jimmy Dore show now has an algorithm that ensures it will not get more subscribers AND that people are being unsubscribed without them knowing it…

20. The electoral college needs to be abolished