If you were born a EU citizen you really lucked out in the karmic citizenship lottery.

You probably won’t need to serve in the military if you don’t want to.

You can see a doctor pretty much any time you wish and it will not bankrupt you.

If you are a diabetic you will not have to ration your insulin.

It’s unlikely you will have oil dripping on your face because they are fracking in your backyard.

You can drink tap water without putting more lead in your system than the Romans. (The Romans liked to add lead to their wine…)

You can choose between politically parties who do NOT agree on everything except abortion and gay rights. You have a much better chance to find a political party that actually reflects your views and doesn’t get banned by the media. (I think more than half of Americans actually agree with most of the things the Green Party offers, but have they even heard of this party?)

You can get by without a car cause public transportation is really decent.

At least two European countries have come a very long way in offering an effective alternative to the war on drugs. Portugal and Switserland.

Our police forces tend not to shoot people on sight. Ok, all over the world the police attracts some uniformed scumbag that wants to legally act out their violent tendencies, BUT European cops are not triggerhappy. It’s not just frowned upon when a cop shoots a person because he smelled like marihuana or was reaching for his wallet. Our cops are cops, just look at how they treat the yellow vests in France, but they are not legally protected execution teams.

Even the kids over here tend not to find guns lying around to accidentally shoot themselves, their parents, their classmates or neighbours. European kids go to school and are unlikely to have to pass through a metal detector when entering those places. In European schools the kids do learn something else than singing the national anthem. Granted, European highschools are staffed with some of the most boring, uptight teachers you will ever meet. But we don’t shoot them. They’re not on food stamps either. Some even own houses!

In Europe trailer parks are where working people go to relax.

Although paying taxes is never fun you can expect to get something back. Your taxes do not for the most part go to a bloated military with bases in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Europe is not without its problems, of course not, but at this point it is the best place to live in all of human history.


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