I don’t remember when I discovered KenFM, but I am very grateful to Ken Jebsen for introducting me to several amazing psychologists, psychiatrists, historians, political thinkers, economists, etc. I have a shelf with books that I ordered solely because I heard about them on this show.

I enjoy his style. I admire his energy. I am impressed by the respect all his guests always get and it doesn’t stop him from disagreeing with them and asking critical questions. Completely unlike Brian Rose of the kinda similar show London Real. Brian Rose seems to be always one step away from giving a blowjob to the people he interviews. Hey, nothing wrong with blowjobs. A critical question here and there does work wonders. Anyway, no offence intended, I still watch London Real from time to time. He’s also come under attack by the way.

It will alarm nobody, but I will say it anyway: if I like your show on YouTube you risk being banned. Jimmy Dore, man, they are coming for you.

KenFM questions things. He doesn’t roll over when they tell us Saddam is responsible for 9/11 (he totally wasn’t). He doesn’t nod along when they tell us Oswald killed Kennedy without at least asking a couple of serious questions. That gets you banned.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… are acting more and more like the thought police. Twitter has started labelling Tweets to tell you if they contain trustworthy information. In other words some people over at Twitter are deciding what you should think. They don’t want you even thinking for one second that Biden might be corrupt.

These platforms have become PUBLISHERS. If they decide what content they offer they should come clean and state what they are. They have become the digital arm of certain mainstream political parties. They should be honest to their users and state that.

And if they act like publishers they are now also much more responsible for what is on their platforms. Which is making them a much juicier target for lawsuits.

Banning ideas is a very bad idea. If somebody is nuts I want to know about it. If somebody is a holocaust denier let him say it so we can point out he or she is wrong. If someone hates gays or wants to enforce sharia law I would like to know so I can avoid that person and offer opposing content. Banning is not the answer. Banned ideas attract the real crackpots.

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