I am sick and tired of devoting time and energy to following politics.

Even a few of the smarter people I know do not see what is going on, because all the bad shit happening is still not affecting them personally or in a way that they feel it. Or because their naive soul can be affected by words like ‘change’, ‘hope’ or ‘unity’. Or because they start celebrating at the first mention of ‘woman elected’, no matter if that woman has values or is just a money-grubbing corporate whore.

It gets me absolutely nothing to comment on politics and in my life time there will never be an American president that stands for what I believe in. Not a chance in hell. People are too deeply influenced by the very effective corporate propaganda.

So I acknowledge that what am doing is pointless, frustrates me and isolates me, because in my own personal circle there is only one person who thinks like me. One!

So on top of wasting time and energy I increasingly start feeling alienated by a world that is moving in a direction that I want nothing to do with.

So therefore I have promised myself to focus entirely on me, on my business, on my family, on hobbies I actually enjoy (my obsession with politics is not exactly a source of joy).

Hey, if people are so easily duped by a Trump or a Biden then there is money to be made.

‘If there is blood on the streets, buy property’

One of the reasons I left the communist party of Belgium was that I didn’t feel like being poor all my life and to clamor for positive change that I don’t think is coming.

I started making more money, but I was never really able to shake off my idealism.

I must be a total weirdo. When I read about Americans dying because they can’t afford insulin it affects me as if a close personal friend has just died. It’s so easy to avoid shit like this happening and the only reason it keeps happening is because politicians have strong financial ties with the insurance companies.

Somebody like Joe Biden has blood on his hands. A lot.

Trump as well, but Biden actually has more blood on his hands, because on top of fighting against universal healthcare he has also been the first in line to support any destructive regime change war.

So the world is happily voting for more pain, more destruction, more corporate power, a never ending tidal wave of empty words, more hypocrisy, more mind numbing wage slavery, more raping of the planet, etc.

It can’t be stopped.

But pardon me for choosing to have fun from now on.

I don’t want my son to become a political activists on the penniless fringes of society. I want to know what’s happening and still have a lot of fun in a rich life.

I can’t change people, I can’t change the world, but I can invest my time in a way that will get me more money, more comfort, more fun.

I am not afraid of a global nuclear war or of a convential war in sleepy Europe.

All the negative trends in the world will not affect me directly in my life-time. I can actually afford to sit back and have Americans vote for their ‘charismatic’ platitude churning vampire overlords.

People only learn through pain.

And the pain is still not big enough for most people with the possibility to act to use their power for the better.

Thank you and good night.

Am going to study German, cause that gets me money. Commenting on American politics gets me heartburn, headaches and dizziness from shaking my head in disgust and disapointment.

A failed idealist becomes a cynic.

I intend to become a cynic basking in comfort and fun.

Whoever wants to join with good cheer is welcome to do it.

And yes, it will be hard to see the world screw over the poor some more and say nothing, but in the end my opinion is so different from the mainstream that hardly anybody is listening anyway.

My political posts did reveal that there are some people in my circle that I prefer not to talk to anymore because they are too comfy with the mainstream mantra: Trump bad, Biden and Harris goooood.

Am deliberately posting this on the 22nd of November. The day JFK got assassinated. He had the potential to put the US on a better, more empathic track and that’s why he had to die.