If the idea that Biden is a good person who wants to improve the lives of everybody were true then Joe Biden would be the first to be all for universal healthcare. He is not.

Let me repeat that: If Biden cared about all people he would campaign for universal healthcare.

The only reason he doesn’t do that is because of the money the health insurance industry pumps into the Democratic Party to make sure universal healthcare will never happen.

That is supposed to be a good person?? That’s an evil asshole.

Also, Biden will be very happy if the Republicans control the senate because then he can deny people all the good stuff and conveniently blame it on the Republicans. He is happy that the Dems don’t control the Senate.

Biden has said he will veto medicare for all if it passes the senate.

Have his fans even listened to this guy beyond the emotionally laden platitudes?

If he wanted to improve the lives of ALL people he would not be defending Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. He wouldn’t have been ok with bombing more countries than Bush under Obama. It’s simply not true that Biden qualifies as a person who cares about all people. He does not.

The truth is that Biden fans are ok with empty words. And they don’t give a shit about the mess the US under Obama and Biden and Bush before them have created in countries full of brown people.

And seriously, ANYONE, could have handled the Covid crisis better than Trump did. Biden had it very easy there.

Some people are very selective in the issues they care about and are very easily convinced that a war mongering repressive macho like Biden wants to make life better for all people. What a joke. He’s certainly made the paycheck of his son a whole lot better. Wink wink.

It’s very easy to defend Biden if none of his policies have affected you personally and his ties to the corporate world mean nothing to you.

If Biden cared about people he would legalize marihuana, pardon all those who landed in jail for smoking it (mostly brown people and not because they smoke more of the stuff, but because the war on drugs is racially motivated, check out John Erlichman who has admitted this), he would cancel student debt, he would reduce not expand the US military and he would halt all arms sales to countries to Saudi-Arabia and other cruel regimes. He would certainly make sure not one more brown child starves to death in Yemen. And he would apologize on his knees for what happened in Iraq.

Here is the naive rant by one Jayne Nordstrom as a reaction to ourprevious article which paints a picture of Biden you will never hear from the corporate media:

There is very little truth in this. It is true that the Democratic do go just left of center trying to attract some more liberal Republicans. However, Biden is not racist. Trump definitely is. Trump has no interest in running the government and doesn’t have any idea how it actually works. He has no empathy and is completely narcissistic. He has never expressed any sorrow over all the deaths suffering from COVID. He has cheated people he has done business with, doesn’t pay his taxes, personally owes millions and millions to foreign investors and governments, at least 17 women have lawsuits against him, lots of people who have been a part of his government have lawsuits against them or are in jail, and one of the worst things is his ordering that babies and young children be separated from their parents and put in cages. I could go on and on. He lies continually and talks about how much he admires Putin, and leaders of other authoritarian countries. The reason he hates to lose is that he can be prosecuted for some of his illegal activities once he’s out of office. Trump is evil. Biden is personally a really good, empathetic, moral person who believes in actually improving the lives of everyone and in trying to create more income equality and improving education and healthcare and improve the infrastructure, the environment and create job opportunities. He has a real plan to deal with COVID.The problem is that his hands will be tied because the Republicans still control the senate. Sorry for ranting on but this kind of misinformation from social media is maddening!’

You’re also warmly invited to read this. You may lose a rosy colored illusion here and there.

The task of ‘sleepy Joe’ is to put liberal America right back to sleep.