The fear: Trump will illegally and possibly violently hang on to power and become a dictator.

No, he will not.

Trump is incapable of organizing something like that.

Are we underestimating him?

No, we’re not.

Am also sick and tired of hearing how Trump is like Hitler.

That just shows how little people know about both these two men.

Hitler took over a tiny party of disgruntled losers meeting in an underground bar and catapulted himself to become the sole and uncontested ruler of Germany in a very systematic way. He was lucky that his political opponents were weak, but still, what he pulled off was harder to achieve than what Trump has done.

It required a disciplined stranglehold over the NSDAP party and its affiliated organisations. It required the grooming of capable henchmen who were not only able to do his bidding, but also became very adept at doing what he wanted without him having to spell everything out.

Hitler also managed to create a power system so complex and chaotic that only he could hold the whole thing together. For example: he often made two govermental departments or two big whigs responsible for the same field and then when these inevitably clashed there was only Hitler to resolve these conflicts. On the whole everyone was trying to implement the will of the Führer.

Hitler had certain clear goals. His ideas and personality permeated every fibre of the German societal fabric. I doubt Trump cares about any art form apart from kitsch. I doubt he has any view on education or religion or history or whatever at all. Trump’s world is about Trump.

Trump has of course a volatile effect on lots of groups within American society. He has emboldened hate groups. But there is no clear goal. There is no central direction and apart from his Twitter account and alternative websites that push right wing views he has no support in the mainstream media. Even Fox News has reluctantly abandoned him.

There is no SA.

There is no SS.

The Republican Party does not see Trump as its most important party. Unlike Hitler and his NSDAP Trump did not mold the Republican Party. It’s been around for more than 150 years. The party can certainly function without him.

He is incapable of organizing something like the night of the long knives when Hitler had Ernst Röhm removed because Röhm and his SA were getting too powerful. The SA was decapitated on bogus charges without any legal procedures. This move was so well executed and so devious that even Stalin was very impressed.

Hitler had an astonishing memory. An estimated IQ of 138. He could paint. For a self-taught architect he didn’t do all that poorly. Although he was by no means a good architect he could learn stuff surprisingly fast if he wanted to.

Hitler’s self-discipline was unreliable, but he did stick to a certain work routine. He put systems in place to protect his positions.

He destroyed his political opponents gradually and effectively.

Trump acts like a seriously troubled child with out of control ADD. (Not ADHD, since he’s able to sit and stand still).

His attention span seems to be so short he is incapable of plotting any long term revenge. If you piss of Hillary Clinton she may come after you ten years later. Trump has forgotten about you ten hours later if not sooner.

If you piss him off he will fire you if he can or scream that you should be fired. He will give you a nickname. Oh, what a bloodthirsty dictator!

His attitude may lead some individuals or small supportive groups that Trump has no direct control over to commit violence here and there. This will only damage his cause even further. This will not help him stage a coup. He’s not even planning a coup. The law suits he tweets about to contest the election results may not even exist.

Trump will lose the legal battle. There is not much of a legal battle to fight. Even if the Democrats committed fraud in the states that Biden flipped he won’t find many judges to see it the same way.

That’s because Trump does not control the justice system.

He does not have his own media network to propagate his beliefs.

In 2016 the media gave way too much attention to his campaign than he deserved. If they had given Bernie his fair share of the news coverage Bernie would have been president. But they preferred a crazy guy with right wing views over a decent fellow with left wing views. The media made him. Cause it was good for business. And now the media have pushed for his fall. First they destroyed Bernie. Then propped up Biden. Anti-Trump articles were good for business. And his fall creates more of a media circus than his reelection would have. He pissed off too many journalists. And he is of course a recipe for mayhem.

The establishment wants to have business as usual. Trump did what the financial elite likes, but with too much potential for instability. Biden will provide a calmer climate. The wealth gap can grow, but the liberals who are not rich, but comfortable will go back to sleep.

Trump does not control the military. American generals don’t like his style. They have no respect for him. Macho guy Biden with a veneer of decency is more their kinda guy.

In short, Trump lacks the means, the organization, the focus, the capacity to plan ahead, the army or powerful militia. He has no powerful allies in the media. He has no allied countries who would support his coup. Some powerful Republicans have abandoned him.

What he has behind him are dispersed groups that like to prance around with guns, but can’t do anything. He has a Twitter army that eagerly retweets him, but is not organized. His Twitter fans are not going to take to the streets to install him as a dictator. How would they even do that? Storm the Pentagon??

The news is going to be very boring. The mainstream media push bullshit narratives. They spend four years suggesting that the Russians rigged the American elections so Trump would win. Where were the Russians in 2020? Now they will constantly create a false foreboding that Trump is about to grab power.

He will make a fool of himself, yes. He will never admit he lost the election. He or one of children will run in 2024. He is hoping his supporters SPONTANEOUSLY stage a nation wide revolution to keep him in the White House. They will not do it.

He is NOT about to install himself as a dictator.