In my home town we don’t celebrate Saint Nicolas on the 6th of December. We celebrate Saint Maarten on the 11th of November.

It also happens to be the day the first world war ended, making it a holiday in Belgium, though the two celebrations have nothing to do with each other.

For you it will have something to do with it, because you will get gifts on the 11th of November but I will also tell you about the first world war.

To be consistent I will also have to get you something on the 8th of May.

This year you got this car.

I had to order it clandestinely because your mother and your grandmother think poverty is a virtue.

Your grandma’s sarcastic reaction was: ‘And where is his plane?’

Apart from my family and your grandfather nobody was positive about this gift.

Everybody over here in Slovakia is deadly afraid that we are spoiling you.

You know, Slovaks teach each other to be modest above all and to keep your head low.

We will have to be careful, because if you adopt the Slovak mentality you will grow up to be severely repressed and angry inside behind the mask of always being overly friendly and fake cheerful.

Flemish people have that too.

So I hope somehow we can give you more of an entrepreneurial spirit like the Dutch or Americans. And maybe some French arrogance. But not too much.

I don’t want you to grow up to be a Slovak doormat.

I do agree that I don’t want you to be spoilt, but above all I want you to have fun in life and not be an angry, bookish, couch potato like your father.

Take what’s good in your parents, but overcome the obstacles we have in our personalities.