So nothing will change. The same shit will continue, but it will be done by slightly more polite people who will smile a bit more and will try to tear you up with their personal stories.


A WOMAN is now the vice-president. And she is a woman of color and she listens to hiphop!

So many problems have been solved now!

You will not get healthcare, the stock market will still be the only thing that matters to measure how well America is doing, we are in for some regime change wars and more support for bombing brown people in countries with barely pronoucible names, but who cares about that!!!??!

Biden has said he wants to be the president of all Americans!


And he is calling for ‘unity’!

He wants you to unify to accept his lies, to ignore 47 years of building the system that gave us Trump.

Go Biden!!

And go future president Harris, because at 77 Biden may very well drop dead in the oval office which would immediately pave the way for a Kamala Harris presidency. A lady who loves locking people up. That’s definitely one thing the two have in come.

At least he’s too old to ram his fingers up an assistant’s vagina. Like he did to Tara Reade.

He’s so demented that he might really not remember what he did to her.

It’s just amazing how easily impressed people are by style and words, without seeing what’s really going on.

It’s good news for Biden’s family though. Am sure he will give the people closest to him top paid cushy jobs.

Like I saw someone Tweet:

Am I glad Trump is gone? Yes, but I see no reason to be celebrating a Biden win. America lost with this election. Watching people dance on their own grave & attempt to erase all the horrid things Biden has done is (insert puking smiley).’

Half of the people with easily manipulated emotions voted for Biden. The other half voted for Trump.

Half the people are celebrating and half the people are mourning.

And yet they have voted for the same thing, but with a different lick of paint.