1. True or false: Iran is about five times bigger than Germany.
  2. True or false: More people were killed at Nagasaki than at Hiroshima.
  3. True or false: There is a building in Bratislava that the locals call Hiroshima.
  4. True or false: Every day between 20 and 30 people in the US die because cattle kick them or run them over.
  5. True or false: There is some evidence to suggest that Judas did not betray Jesus, but that Jesus ordered him to hand him over to the authorities.
  6. True or false: One of the best ways to stop a mosquitoe bite from itching is to put a slice of onion on it.
  7. True or false: There are more bicycles than people in the Netherlands.
  8. True or false: Finland has the best educational system in the world because all teachers are required to have at least two master degrees.
  9. True of false: Technically you cannot diagnose someone with borderline personality disorder unless they practice auto-mutilation.
  10. True or false: The word therapist comes from Greek and originally meant ‘battle companion’, someone who would accompany you into battle.
  11. Where does our word ‘vandal’ come from?
  12. Can a marriage be annuled because it was never consumated?
  13. What does the company name IBM stand for?
  14. Is it ok to give honey to babies according to physicians?
  15. Can you become HIV positive from kissing?
  16. Who is AOC?
  17. Are there Slovak books that have been translated to Arabic?
  18. Can you enter Israel if there is a stamp from Iran in your passport?
  19. Can you enter Lebanon if there is an Israeli stamp in your passport?
  20. Which country does the muslim militia Hezbollah operate in (mainly)?
  21. Where can you find the armed group Hamas?
  22. Can chocolate kill a dog?
  23. What does the word ‘taliban’ mean? A. The warriors B. The students C. The men
  24. What does ‘al qaeda’ mean? A. The data base B. God’s legion C. Undercover
  25. In which US state can you find the headquarters of the CIA?
  26. True or false: the Slovak city of Martin produces military equipment such as APC’s.
  27. True of false: the main purchaser of Slovak made military equipment is Bangladesh.
  28. The fastest growing market for elevators is in India.
  29. True of false: If you build an apartment block in Slovakia with at least six storeys you are required by law to provide an elevator. This is valid for all buildings built post 1995.
  30. True or false: Elevators in shopping malls are usually made of glass because shopping malls have the policy that visitors should never lose sight of the shops.
  31. Which curreny did The Netherlands have before the introduction of the euro? A. The silverling B. The monkey C. The gulden
  32. What happened to Obelix in the comic book series Asterix? A. He fell in the kettle with magic potion as a child and now he is super strong B. He ate so much pigs that he is super strong now C. He ate a rare mushroom and now hs is super strong
  33. True or false: Red wine is good for your teeth.
  34. True or false: The Vikings arrived in America hundreds of years before Colombus.
  35. True or false: The German army used the drug speed on a massive scale during World War II.
  36. True or false: Belgium has never had an openly gay Prime Minister.
  37. True or false: During the war in Vietnam the American soldiers had a very serious problem with their M-16 rifles. They often jammed. Their enemies had no such problems, because their kalashnikovs almost never jammed.
  38. True or false: Nobody has ever been stuck in an elevator for so long that he or she died of starvation.
  39. True or false: In 2004 two men stole a giant Boeing, flew away and were never seen again.
  40. True or false: Women can determine if a man is attractive only by smelling a shirt he has worn.
  41. True or false: When president Nixon resigned because of the repercussions of the Watergate scandal new elections were held and the Republican party won.
  42. True or false: There is a boardgame called Chai that is all about composing the most exclusive tea recipes.
  43. True or false: You can study Slovak at a university in Belgium.
  44. True or false: In 2020 the number one bestselling book in the Netherlands is a book called ‘Most people suck’.
  45. True or false: One of the conspiracy theories surrounding the attacks on 9/11 claims that the twin towers are still standing and that all the events were filmed in a Hollywood studio. The towers have been made invisible using an invisibility spray.
  46. True or false: The father of famous actor Woody Harrelson confessed he was one of the killers of president John F. Kennedy.
  47. What percentage of Americans did not read a book in 2019 according to a PEW report?
  48. The top three best selling books of all time are all religious texts. What is the fourth beststelling book of all time?
  49. The book ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls is about a man and a woman who a) meet only once but it influences their entire lives b) always experience something important on the same day c) never meet but keep writing each other letters and promising to meet one day
  50. What is the longest war in history?