1. What were Jim Crow laws about?
  2. Which political party is older, the Republicans or the Democrats?
  3. What country’s capital is Ulan Bator?
  4. By weight or value, what is the most commonly grown crop in the United States?
  5. What comes in Pillbox, Panama, and Fez varieties?
  6. What was the most commonly-used writing instrument in the western world from the 6th-19th centuries?
  7. In what country did the sauna originate?
  8. Who is the wizard that advises King Arthur?
  9. What deadly sin is also a type of animal?
  10. What country was formerly known as Zaire?
  11. What ancient Hindu text could be described as a sex manual?
  12. What makes bread rise?
  13. What is the upper house of the British Parliament?
  14. Who was the star of the movie “Dirty Harry”?
  15. What major city is near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers?
  16. What is the largest lake in Africa by surface area?
  17. What is a common word that means “geriatric”?
  18. What is the British name for a bachelor party?
  19. What novel introduced the phrase “Big Brother is Watching You”?
  20. How many keys are found on a typical piano?
  21. During their 40 years in the desert, what did the Israelites eat?
  22. What organ of the body stores blood, removes old blood cells, and filters iron?
  23. What is a bandolier designed to hold?
  24. What is the name of the type of wild dog found in Australia?
  25. What type of weapon does Thor carry?
  26. What alcoholic beverage is made from fermented honey?
  27. What supersonic airplane was jointly developed by France and the UK?
  28. What type of word are “kayak”, “sagas”, and “radar” examples of?
  29. What do submarines use to see above the water when submerged?
  30. What was Picasso’s first name?
  31. Name all the pieces in a game of chess.
  32. Who was Robin Hood’s second in command?
  33. Who had an affair with Queen Guinevere?
  34. In the beer world, what does IPA stand for?
  35. Chang and Eng were conjoined twins famous in the 1800s. What country were they born in?
  36. What type of food was famously shared by Lady and the Tramp?
  37. What model of Volkswagen is named after a sport?
  38. What does the Spanish word “corazón” mean?
  39. You have the Mona Lisa right in front of you. In which museum are you?
  40. Which civil war was fought between the reds and the whites?
  41. Which element is responsible for the red color of Mars?
  42. What does the abbreviation IBAN stand for?
  43. True or false: the chain saw was orginally invented to help pregnant women deliver their baby in a process called symphysiotomy.
  44. Who wrote the Slovak novel ‘pata lod’?
  45. His brother became a famous psychologist. He wrote books like ‘The ambassadors’ and ‘Portrait of a lady’. Who is he?
  46. In Belgium the most common beer is called ‘pils’, no matter which brand it is. Where does the word ‘pils’ come from?
  47. What do polar bears prefer to eat?
  48. Who got into a lot of trouble for saying his band was ‘more popular than Jesus’?
  49. What is the official language of Pakistan?
  50. Albert Speer, one of Hitler’s archictects, possibly his only friend, became the master of the German armaments production during World War II. Even though this was not really his field of expertise it is often said that his efforts prolonged the war by about two years. He was tried at Nuremberg after the war. What was his sentence?