I went to the local running track that has been converted into a testing station for the weekend.

Am number 51. My wife has already been here. She’s negative.

So far it’s been a smooth process.

Perhaps most people went yesterday.

And the result is….

The same I have been about life and about everything for the past 14 years.


Oh, from the Guardian: ‘The defence minister, Jaroslav Naď said on Sunday 2.58 million Slovaks had taken a test on Saturday, and 25,850 or 1% tested positive and must go into quarantine.

And: ‘More than 40,000 medics and support teams of soldiers, police, administrative workers and volunteers staffed about 5,000 sites to administer the antigen swab tests. The testing was free and voluntary, but the government has said it will impose a lockdown on those who do not participate, including a ban on going to work.