1. Who became the first emperor of Rome after the death of Caesar?
  2. At the battle of Thermopylae 300 Spartans fought until the last man. Who were their opponents?
  3. True or false: Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy managed to escape from jail twice.
  4. Greenland belongs to a European country. Which?
  5. What does the Latin saying ‘homo homini lupus est’ mean?
  6. Which Roman emperor blamed the great fire of Rome, which occured in July 64, on the Christians?
  7. What is a teetotaler?
  8. Which substance is usually associated with hugging? A. Dopamine B. Oxytocine C. Adrenaline
  9. What is the popular name of an AK-47?
  10. In the medical world what does the abbreviation GP stand for?
  11. Between 1979 and 1992 there was a war in a tiny Latin-American country. It was a civil war fought between the government backed by the US and left-wing groups. About 75,000 people died. There were many war crimes. In which country did this take place?
  12. For a long time the Russian aristocracy didn’t speak Russian, they preferred….
  13. What was the last name of the last Russian emperor?
  14. In the year 79 the Vesuvius covered the ancient cities Herculaneum and one other city under 4 to 6 meters of volcanic ash. What is the name of the other city?
  15. In ancient Crete there was an advanced civilization called the Minoan civilization. You can still visit the ruins of a big palace. Where?
  16. How many people die in traffic accidents each year? A. 3.2 million B. 5.4 million C. 1.3 million
  17. What is the leading cause of death in the US?
  18. Which continent has the most suicides?
  19. Which sex is more likely to commit suicide. Men or women?
  20. Which dance was made very popular by singer Chubby Checker?
  21. What is NOT a dance? A. The running man B. The whip C. The funky chicken D. The spitting snake
  22. What is polytheism?
  23. Three languages are spoken in Malta, Maltese and….?
  24. In which country can we find the world’s longest railway bridge?
  25. Which president was preceded by Kennedy and succeeded by Nixon?
  26. An influential Arab sheikh decides to hold a competition to see which one of his two sons will inherit his substantial fortune. He tells them to race their camels to a distant city, but the one whose camel arrives last will inherit the fortune. The two sons set out, determined to win the inheritance, and wander the desert for days, each attempting to outlast the other. Finally, they come across a wise man and ask him for advice. After the wise man speaks to the two sons, they immediately jump on the camels and race at full gallop to the target city. What did the wise man say?
  27. What color is the smoke coming from the Sistine Chapel when a new pope has been chosen?
  28. What does Buenas Tardes mean in Spanish?
  29. What is the national animal of Canada?
  30. What object can you see on the Canadian flag?
  31. Which country has the biggest immigrant population in Canada?
  32. How do you say sausage in German?
  33. Where does the largest non-German group in Germany come from?
  34. What is the name of the top soccer league in Germany?
  35. What is the most popular sport in Canada?
  36. What is the name of the Munich beer festival?
  37. Who is the prime minister of Canada?
  38. The longest rivers in Germany start with R, E and D. Can you guess them?
  39. Who is the most famous religious person from Poland?
  40. What is the name of the largest brewery in Slovakia?
  41. Who are the patron saints of Slovakia?
  42. Who was the inventor of the first actively used parachute?
  43. What is the longest river in Slovakia?
  44. Which three objects are on the Soviet flag?
  45. What was the name of communist prison camps in the Soviet Union?
  46. What was the Soviet equivalent of the CIA?
  47. What is a samovar?
  48. Who was the first person to orbit earth?
  49. Which fish is used to get traditional caviar?
  50. What is the most famous Swedish vodka brand?