1. How many US states are there?
  2. How many US senators are there?
  3. What do you get when you order kimchi in South-Korea? OK
  4. What do the black death of 1348 and the corona virus have in common?
  5. There is an American city district named after the Dutch city called Breukelen. Which city is it? OK
  6. Which celebrity did not appear in the series Friends: Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Bruce Wilis, Alec Baldwin. OK
  7. Why was the plague also called the Black Death?
  8. Which people was blamed for spreading the plague in the Middle Ages?
  9. Which candy bar was called ‘marathon’ until 1990?
  10. Who starred as The Fresh Prince in the TV-show the Fresh Prince?
  11. In the series Family Matters you could watch the adventures of Steve Urkel. What was his favorite food?
  12. Which tv show made the Olsen twins famous? OK
  13. We are looking for a series that ran from 1978 to 1991, it has the same name as a city in Texas. Which series is it? OK
  14. What does 90210 stand for in the name of the series Beverly Hills, 90201? OK
  15. Which famous actor starred in the series Growing Pains when he was still a child? OK
  16. What was the series Dawson’s Creek about?
  17. In the trilogy Back to the Future a professor turns something into a time machine. What did he turn into a time machine?
  18. What is the name of the fastest commercial car?
  19. If the American president AND the vice-president both die, who becomes the president of the USA?
  20. Angola and Mozambique were a colony of a European nation until the 1980’s. Which country were they a colony of?
  21. Which character in literature famously fought against windmills and was accompanied by his assistant named Sancho Panza? OK
  22. How many Hungarians have won the Nobel Prize for literature?
  23. What is the Hungarian doctor Ignas Semmelweis famous for? OK
  24. In which country do they like to drink ouzo? OK
  25. How many strings does a normal guitar have? OK
  26. What was the last European country to officially adopt Christianity?
  27. Which company was the first to make a full 3d cartoon movie?
  28. What was the first song that made Britney Spears famous?
  29. Has there ever been a gay American president? OK
  30. What was the first thing the Vikings attacked when they invaded England for the first time? OK
  31. What is a flagelant?
  32. What is the name of the Holy Book in Islam? OK
  33. Mormons believe that when the apocalypse starts Jesus will first appear in Jerusalem and then in a US state that starts with a M. Which state?
  34. What is the religion of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney?
  35. Was Ronald Reagan a Democrat or a Republican?
  36. True or false: when the US entered world war II they put all Americans of Japanese descent in concentration camps. OK
  37. Does Donald Trump have short cameo in the first Home Alone movie or the second one? OK
  38. What is the No Fap movement?
  39. Which European nation tried to gain control of Mexico in the early 1860’s? This nation was eventually beaten by the Mexican revolutionary leader Juarez.
  40. What series of historical events did Pope Urban II start in 1095?
  41. Were there any muslims that fought for Nazi Germany?
  42. What was special about the German concentration camp in Ravensbruck? OK
  43. Which country was the first to be declared completely free of jews in world war two?
  44. What was Hitler doing when the allies landed in Normandy on the sixth of June 1944?
  45. What will you get when you order moules-frites in Belgium or France?
  46. Belgium and France do not use qwerty keyboards, they use a different keyboard. Which?
  47. How is silk produced? OK
  48. You need to melt two metals and mix them to produce bronze. Which two metals? The mixing of two metals is called an alloy.
  49. Why does a rifle shoot further than a smoothbore musket?
  50. Which Native American Tribe was the last one to violently resist the American government?
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