• Most of them had jobs that didn’t inspire them and where they pretended to be happy for fear of losing their job
  • To compensate for uninspiring jobs they lived for the weekends. Often alcohol was involved
  • A lot of them cared more about their car than about people dying in far away places
  • People only stayed in touch with each other as long as they could use the other for something
  • The collective spirit was dead and all focus was on the individual
  • If you just looked at the pictures people uploaded on social media you would have thought heaven is a place on earth. But nothing could be further from the truth. Most people are masking how unfulfilled they are.
  • Hot looking women willing to show some skin started prostituting themselves for likes on Instagram. If they got enough likes they became ‘influencers’. The same for guys with fitness bodies. You could get the idea we were living in a beautycracy. But of course we lived in a plutocracy. Beauty and money just attract each other.
  • If politically active at all people focussed on one or two issues that they cared about for personal reasons.
  • There were those in refugee camps or in famine stricken countries and other hellholes and those frantically looking for pleasure and instant gratification.
  • Although our image saturated culture was highly sexualized lots of folks were having little or no sex. Odd, because if an alien had landed and got a taste of our culture he would have concluded everybody was humping all the fucking time.
  • Most folks lived as though they would never die. Without intensity.
  • Almost all human interaction was ultimately dictated or at least influenced by people’s craving of money
  • The mainstream media told people what the rich wanted them to see, read and hear, but very few people were willing to accept that this was going on and kept trusting the media and avidly consuming them.
  • People didn’t know their neighbours
  • The economic system disrupted family and community ties in major ways leading to anxiety and depression and all sorts of addictions
  • Most folk lived a life without any higher meaning beyond trying to live as comfortable a life as possible
  • Civil debate became impossible because of social media. People had to process so many impulses that they got tired of dialogue and just started calling everyone with a different opinion ‘moron’ or ‘idiot’
  • People took more pictures of their food than of their family
  • People spend enough money on make-up and fitness membership fees to end world hunger
  • Somehow the drive to consume goods kept everything together in a society where human interaction became more and more cold, distant and rife with friction. Buying to fill a hole inside kept the economy afloat… So in the end we were all very needy people. Needy little workers buying stuff to compensate for our inability to have intimate connections.
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