My father – an ‘aspiring’ writer – once asked me if I thought it would be shocking if he wrote about a child being fucked while being pressed against a glowing hot stove. I said it wouldn’t mean much to people. He never wrote the scene. I don’t think he ever intended to write something like that. He was just wondering about what it would take to shock a public that has become apathetic and desperately thrill-seeking.

I honestly suspect you of being like my father. With the expection that you did make your shocking scene. Well, congratulations, you have succeeded. Your otherwise poorly acted and entirely vapid movie has managed to shock me in at least one scene.

It’s the sort of scene for which the word ‘gratuitious’ was invented.

A SS guy interrogates a guy chained to a wall. To push him to give up his secrets the SS dude threatens to harm his infant son.

After giving up his secrets the father is still confronted with the drowning of his son. He can’t do anything about it and tears at his chains until his wrists are covered in blood.

O bravo, Sven, bravo. I immediately stopped watching your pitiful attempt to create a blockbuster movie.

The famous Hitchcock once said that in order to create a great story one had to ‘hurt the audience’.

Well, you have certainly hurt me, but you have have failed to create a great story.

I don’t know where you got the inspiration for this scene. Am guessing in that part of your brain that whispered: even if you make a shitty movie the media will talk about you if you make the experience harrowing enough!

I have checked. Apparently the viewers have already become so emotionally deadened that most reviews don’t mention this kind of grotesque brutality. Those who do, skip going into detail. Making me think that it really didn’t affect them anyway.

I know the nazis did some horrible shit. Mengele tried to find out how long a baby could go without food. The baby’s mother was eventually ‘allowed’ to mercy kill her own child with a lethal injection. A young violin player was shown the head of his mother in a bucket so he would reveal where the killers of Heydrich were hiding. Yes, we know, the nazis were brutal. They pushed human cruelty to its limits. Anyone who gives the slightest fuck about the story of humanity knows this.

Am not claiming the nazis or other psychopaths never did anything similar. The question is: do we need this scene in your movie? Does a viewer who holds human life sacred need to be cowhided with this?

It’s a hard question for me to answer. I am regularly told that I go too far. Epecially sexually frustrated people sometimes ask me to delete certain blog posts. Out of respect for the petitioner I sometimes comply with the request.

Mr. Huybrechts, you have shown me my worst nightmare on film. Seeing my son die without me being able to do anything about it. As opposed to you I will not describe what I would do to the person causing harm to my son. Let’s just say: I would take my time.

I was enticed to watch a war movie. Right before your movie I watch the rather bland world war II movie ‘Greyhound’. It did not affect me in any way, but it conveyed a sense of what naval combat during world war II must have been like. Some scenes were brutal too. They were realistic and unpleasant. They did not stop me from watching the rather dull movie from start to finish.

Your movie is different. I cannot escape the feeling that you tried to push it as far as possible to have people shocked and talking about it.

Well, congratulations again. I already worry myself sick that I might lose my vulnerable baby son to some event outside of my control or through my own stupidity. You have made those worries even worse. Without delivering a good movie.

One of the diseases of this time is our addiction to attention. And I suspect you of suffering from this disease in a far more advanced stage than me.

By the way, if you wanted to emulate the cinematographic quality of the opening scene of Inglorious Basterds – which is essentially quite similar to this interrogation scene of yours – you have utterly failed. You have simply caused pain.

Thanks to this scene your movie has to be regarded as a half baked attempt to create a great drama-thriller, but it ends up being sillier and more needy for attention than Ilsa: She-wolf of the SS.

Cause am old and tired and forgiving I will try to think you just meant to warn us about the scourge that fascism undoubtedly is.

Not that I needed an exploitative reminder of that.