You hadn’t seen me in two weeks so I wanted to surprise you and went out to buy you toys. These days that’s even possible on a Sunday because in recent years any kind of routine has been destroyed by the demands of Big Money. Ok, that’s quite a tangent.

So I helped to make sure Sunday rest would not be respected and went out to buy you some toys.

I went to a huge toy shop located in the nearest shopping mall.

They had tons of crap. It took me some time to select some things you might be interested in.

Of course, my desire to buy you something had to trump my insight that you prefer you play with wooden spoons from the kitchen or books from my book shelves or an empty plastic bottle.

Not that you never play with your toys, but we don’t need them.

So when I buy toys I have to confess I buy them for me. To give me the feeling am doing all I can for you, but in the end the following is so true:

Don’t give presents, give your presence.