You will not remember any of this, but about two months after you were born the main topic all over the world became the corona crisis or the covid-19 pandemic.

This is probably the first world event that has affected me personally. I suppose that’s true for many people across the globe.

It’s made no difference for you, but your parents are sort of locked inside the house. We don’t really mind. Your mum doesn’t mingle, isn’t outgoing and isn’t sociable. The only thing your mum has in common with the only president of the Confederacy is this statement: ‘All we ask is to be left alone’. Your father is in a phase of his life where he has become a hermite, corona crisis or no corona crisis, and only talks to people when he is working with them.

Because of this corona crisis you have seen your grandmother on your father’s side and your father’s favorite aunt only for a brief periode of time, less than two weeks. That’s probably the only thing I have found to be annoying about this whole quarantine and lock down situation.

By the time you read this the whole thing will have blown over, but just now this

  • Many people thought this virus was a hoax. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding Covid-19. After talking to two physicians your parents accepted that this virus is simply real. Yes, it’s likely big government and big business will use this situation to expand their power. So far many people have been affected economically. Your parents think this virus was not released on purpose. We think it’s real. We also think that a lockdown was maybe not the best response, but we haven’t complained to this and have stuck to all regulations to stop the spread of the virus. We are not too concerned, but we also don’t expose you or ourselves to unnecessary risk.
  • Your father taught most of his classes online, which had downsides and upsides. No time wasted running all over the city. Sometimes it was stressful because to focus on students who have many questions with you crying in the background drained my energy levels and ignited my short fuse, especially towards your mum who really tried to keep things as quiet as possible. So yes, the virus did cause some stress on the home front.
  • We didn’t care too much about getting the virus ourselves, but we were deeply concerned about passing it on to you. So that motivated us not to travel and to allow even less visitors than before.
  • At the time I am writing this it’s been over a year since your parents have been in Belgium. For your father this is the longest time he hasn’t been back in Belgium. He only misses his books, his mum and aunt and Belgian fries. And maybe the much better roads to go running and cycling.
  • Worrisome is that your gteat grandmother is in lockdown in a nursing home back in Belgium and can receive visitors BEHIND GLASS for only 30 minutes per week. Especially your grandmother finds this very depressing. Your great grandmother has no idea what is going on, but she doesn’t like her isolation.
  • There are many people who arrogantly try to avoid sticking to the government imposed restrictions. Since these cause only minor discomfort to most people we don’t really get this. We are convinced this whole thing will eventually blow over, so skipping going on holiday for ONCE in your life seems a very tiny price to pay to potentially protect old folks and people who are already afflicted by other diseases. I mean, there is a lot of suffering in the world and not being able to have a beach holiday for one year in your life seems kinda… trivial.
  • Your father – against his better judgement – invests more time following this year’s presidential elections in the US than following the corona developments. In fact, your parents are pretty much fed up with any article dealing with the corona virus. That’s also why this is the first time we have written anything about Covid-19 on this site. It’s boring. It will blow over. There are things that will not blow over. Like Israel’s disgusting oppression of the Palestinians. Or the dominance of the rich over all of life in the United States. The ‘richest’ country on earth has become a plutocracy. It’s sad that not more people see this and actually think it makes a difference which of the two corporate puppets wins the election. In 2020 it was Trump against Biden by the way. Nothing uplifting or inspiring about this…
  • So anyway, there was a virus. There was a lockdown in a lot of countries. Your parents were home a lot. We were VERY happy to have the opportunity to be with you at all times. I think that it’s almost never happened that neither of us were with you. One of us was always with you. We cared WAY more about nurturing you than about any virus…

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