I know this very sweet older lady who believes the struggle for gay rights is one big conspiracy. Her idea is that all this talk about gay rights and all these gay pride marches are all about money.

Yes, about money.

Now when somebody is passionate about opposing something that cannot affect her personal world in any material way you can bet on it that something else is going on.

When people care deeply about an idea it is always because something is going on at a deeply personal level.

Her idea is that there are evil people out there who are organizing themselves to brainwash children into becoming something on the LGBT spectrum. Their motive is to make a profit via sex change operations.

Who knew that plastic surgeons one day got together and said: ‘You know what would really stimulate our business? A march for gay pride!’.

And they pulled in ten gays right off the streets, gave them a shitload of cash, and on they went to organize all those marches. Their return on investment was simply STAGGERING.

Gordon Gekko himself could not have hatched this plan.

Now why does this lady really focus on this?

  • she has a serious physical illness. Worrying about gays fleecing us is less bewildering than worrying about her deteriorating health situation.
  • the same goes for her desire to have grandchildren. A desire that will not be fulfilled any time soon. Her adult children will really take their time.
  • She is isolated.
  • She is most likely deeply frustrated that she never got to have a lot of money, so now money is behind everything that bothers her
  • Under communism she had an easy target to explain why she did not take charge of her life. Everything was the fault of the communists. But communism has been gone for 30 years and she still feels oppressed. Who is doing the oppressing now? The gay lobby!! You know who is really oppressing her? She herself, by never confronting what went wrong in her childhood.

I could say more about what motivates this otherwise truly sweet and generous lady to focus on these things, but out of respect I will stop here.

What I notice when Slovak Catholics are allergic to anything gay is (some are of course gay themselves and can’t accept this) that these people are incredibly afraid of change. They love rituals. They love predictability. And maybe I should take more time to explain this, but behind it all is a fear of death (and fear of death is actually a fear of living courageously) and a fear of being judged. They judge and are deadly afraid that they will be judged. They are also scared of people living life more to their own tune. Openly gay people are courageous, they stand out. These homophobic people are deadly afraid of standing out. They like uniformity. They love perpetual repetition, rituals, reassurance. They like to get brownie points to get into heaven. The more discomfort you incur while going to church the more points you get. For example, the earlier you go to church on a Sunday the more points you get. It’s a passion for form and a rejection of substance. A Slovak Catholic is primarily in the game to save his or her own soul. The whole world can go up in flames as long as they are one of the good ones in the eyes of God. And to be good in the eyes of God one has to stick to all the rituals and basically refrain from taking any action, except have some job and a family life. You can never motivate these people to march for any cause, except if it is to march against a woman’s right to an abortion.

For Slovak Catholics the current Pope is already too progressive. Progressive is a word they do not pronounce, but spit out.

In a sense they live on in their rituals and in their children and grandchildren repeating those rituals that are not as old as they think. For this reason these rituals can never be modified. They will claim it’s to keep the Church ‘pure’. Which is a very vague term that actually means ‘rigid’.

When I meet Slovak Catholics I meet scared people.

Their rituals are their entrenchment. Their bastion against a scary ever more fluid world.

They keep their world small, because it’s easier to defend.

They read magazines like the Slovak ‘Postoj’ to continually reinforce their idea that a strictly ritualistic form of religion is the only escape from a world gone mad. For the world outside of the church is full of terrors. Even moderate Catholics as my sister in law will sometimes refer to ‘Postoj’ as propaganda.

If Slovak Catholics cared as much about stopping Israel from killing Palestinian children or some other very real injustice as they cared about railing against gays and abortions we would be in a better world. And they would be following the example of Jesus much more authentically than they do now.

From time to time I meet what I would consider a TRUE Christian. They do exist, but they are exceptionally rare. These true ones I absolutely do not wish to insult. That’s why I hid my Facebook post with this article for some people because I don’t want them to think am writing about them here.