I saw this pass on Instagram. It didn’t work out well for the dude. He eventually just unmatched her.

By adding lol to a statement like this you ruin all the sexual tension there could possibly be.

It shows you are afraid and ashamed. It shows you are needy.

These are all red flags to women.

A message like that never works.

Not that it would have worked without adding lol, but still.

This is not the kind of message you send to a woman you truly desire.

And I suppose that makes all the difference to a woman. True desire. For her specifically.

This message just reads: I want to use your body for masturbation and am embarrassed about who I am. It also comes from a belief that it’s wrong to lust after women. Talk of a ruin the moment approach.

Plus it’s entirely inauthentic, because that guy is not actually Laughing Out Loud.

He is squirming in his seat. Heart racing. Impatient. Possibly stroking himself.

But not laughing out loud while writing this text message.

Not before, not during, not afterwards.

If you want sex with a woman you will have to be confident about desiring her.

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