Anyone interested in learning German should definitely watch this movie. It’s a movie that appeals to pretty much everyone.

It’s one of the best German movies ever made.

Without revealing too much: A young guy in East Germany goes to great lengths to pretend communism never fell, so his fragile mother doesn’t experience a shock that could kill her. She is a dedicated communist and the news of the failure of communism could literally devastate her.

Of course it gets increasingly more difficult to hide this fact from her. Especially since all of Germany is going through a wonderfully dynamic evolution and the guy’s family members and friends are also swept away by the capitalist tidal wave.

The movie has great story value, but also works as a documentary about life in the former DDR. You may even get a smattering of ‘Ostalgie’.

The German you hear in this movie is very accessible. Since you’ll want to watch it more than once some of it is bound to stick.

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