Here’s the truth: Is Russia promoting Bernie? Yes. Via RT news for example. How? By highlighting facts that the US media willingly ignores if they could help Bernie’s campaign. Check shows like Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp or On Contact with Chris Hedges, for starters.Why is Russia doing this? Because RT uses facts to expose how the super rich have been duping Americans for decades. Russia does want to undermine the US, because the US does everything in its power to demonize Russia, to isolate Russia and to damage Russia (the conflict in Ukraine was largely sparked by US propaganda there, the US also made sure ISIS would NOT be defeated and Russia is far more scared of muslim extremists than US officials. ISIS has proven to be a US tool to disrupt the middle east, the way the US fights ISIS is almost symbolic, they do not aim for the jugular. If ISIS were dead Israel would cry itself to sleep every night.).RT is trying to get Americans be very distrustful of its rulers. But it’s so easy! Cause Americans should be distrustful of their rulers. Their rulers together with the media are duping them with propaganda that benefits the super rich. The way they are being told medicare for all is not possible in the US for example. Russia exploits this situation to cause divisions in American society. Actually, it’s only helping those divisions escalate.And why shouldn’t it? The US has treated Russia as a mortal enemy since 1917 (with a pause during world war II), the end of the cold war did not change this.