Sometimes I switch
on that lobe in my brain
that can make me think like a Republican.
Medicare for all?
Sorry, the US cannot
afford it. We need 60 percent of our taxes
to keep going to the military
or North Koreans riding Iranian camels
will invade immediately!!! We also
have to give billions of dollars to Israel.
Because we hate Palestinian children.
They will only grow up to be terrorists.
Or they might become doctors
and immigrate to the US!!!! Noooooo!!!
If you disagree
you are a communist. Also if you can’t
pay your medical bills
you deserve to DIE!!!
PS Do not abort embryos, because
1. Women can’t make decisions
2. All human life is sacred

@randallmicky Also we need to own automatic military grade guns because when the government finally goes rogue and sends the army after our ass we need those guns to defend ourselves against their tanks, fighter jets, rockets, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, ballistic missiles, hydrogen bombs, stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons etc. Give me a desert eagle and I will stop all that shit from hurting your ass pumpkin! Without those guns they would turn those weapons against us immediately. If the jews (two percent of Nazi Germany) had had shotguns for hunting wild pigs the holocaust could never have happened!!!!! So if you take our guns there will be a revolution tomorrow!!! Unless there is a football game on tv. First things first. I did not make enough spelling mistakes to pass this off as coming from a real Republican. I apologerize. #trump2020.

Last but not least: porn is amazing, but breastfeeding in public is disgusting!!!