So for the past few months I’ve been using instagram to post political stuff. Almost all of it on US politics. The prejudice, the lack of information, the narcissistic and dumb rape of spelling and grammar, the childish verbal attacks, the pure hatred you get for simply suggesting nobody should die because they can’t afford insuline is just mind-boggling. You cannot but conclude that the United States is full of low life uneducated malignant unproductive scum of the most disgusting order. Victims with stockholm syndrome of a system that ‘has them by the balls’ (Carlin).

A Belgian writer once wrote ‘the hardest challenge in life is to not become bitter’, well, seeing how Americans talk on social media is one of the surest and ultimately most masochist ways to test the wisdom behind that quote. In a moment of bitterness am inclined to say: Americans deserve whatever social, economic, psychological hell its putrid intestines have in store for them.

Whoever wants to write today’s version of Laus stultitiae has to just gather examples of American attitudes and behavior on social media. Of course, most (?) Americans have no idea what Laus Stultitiae refers to. And worse, they would be proud of the fact that they don’t know. Like that ADULT American who I saw write on FB: ‘Books? Too busy doing useful things like Xbox’.

The US has become an oddly symbiotic layer cake of gated community superrich, a melting yet still trippy well-off more or less educated middle class that doesn’t care too much what happens as long as they have a what’s considered ‘normal’ life, a minority of struggling politically sorta aware activists, a fundament of working poor who keep everything running in return for food stamps and scorn, and a huge and bizarre class of desperate disenfranchised dissapointed humans who are full of anger and don’t know why they are so angry, who will scream and yell at anyone, not having any sort of power or knowledge to better their situation or to have their reality match the self-image of grandeur they nurture in their mind and that serves to keep them where they are, worshipping anyone who has a lot of money.

The saddest product of this is the lone mass shooter. I guess an intuitive understanding of all this is why plenty of good, smart folks become alcoholics.