I was here year ago… like exactly year ago with my fresh international relationship. You guys wrote to me – good luck.

That hard moment came.  Time to decide,  where to move? Where to live? How to continue?

Well, we have decided some time ago, that best will be to start our life together in Belgium.  Yes, it offers us more opportunities in compare of Slovakia… ok Belgium offers more to him as to me.. but one of us has to move.

So that Black Peter´s card is in my hands and time of my bye bye slovakia is close.

Im sad. Why? Its way harder to leave your country as I thought.  You have all your life and friends and family and basically everything here.  In one second, when wings of plane going up, its gone.  Mentally.

But Im also happy. Why? I love him and I really cant wait to start life together.

And Im depressed in same time.  And in this I am serious, what if I wont find job there? I am going to quit my job here, work habbits I got, colleagues… oh my god. Im terrified.

Im just little slovak girl.. Im honestly in panic of how Belgium will consider me.  

I just think about my leaving and suddenly I am dizzy.  Am I really that strong to handle this?

Am I ready to step out of my very comfort zone and start something new in country I dont know? What Im going to do without my friends and family?

Did you know they have different milk? Yes. It tastes totally different. Also air. And there is incredible cold. But I am well trained for roads, by crazy slovak drivers. I do complain a lot, I know.

But what is reward for all this? Well, my boyfriend and nice picture of us one day being settled down in some red bricked belgian housie.  I hope.

So soon bye bye Slovakia and hello Belgium…but I am scared.

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