‘This is the dumbest post ever!!!’

That was the first sentence of a very long comment on Instagram. I deleted it without reading any other word.

The post was about how things that are legal are not always morally right and things that are illegal are not always morally wrong.

Calling anything or anyone ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ or ‘an idiot’ is the surest way to show that

– you’re not a happy person

– you have no profound point to make whatsoever

Ghandi is supposed to have said:

‘I will not allow anyone to walk through my mind with their dirty shoes’

A comment like that I just treat like weed in a garden. Pull it out, throw it aside. Burn it.

I don’t get mad at weed and I don’t get mad at people who try to make their needs met by spewing negativity on social media.

I just wish that they would realize that if they would want a constructive exchange of ideas and points of view that to yell abuse is just not going to lead to anything.

What would happen if we would all completely ignore those cried for attention? I mean, you must feel severely limited in this life if you do this in a world with millions of more pleasant things to do than to angrily comment on some post by a total stranger.

It must be a vicious circle. These people feel ignored, overlooked, unappreciated and they just go yelling loudee and louder hoping to pick a fight, hoping to be seen, at least to feel worthy enough to be fought with…