I have just returned from a short trip – four days – to London.

I used to stuff my bag and pockets full of books. I would take at least five books with me.  The result? I wouldn’t read any of them cover to cover. I would just read 20 pages in all of them.

Not this time. I decided to carefully select just ONE book.

I picked ‘Chasing the scream’, a book exposing the counterproductive cocktail of violence that the prohibition of drugs and the war on drugs have proven to be.

With no other book to distract my ADD mind I practically finished it. I read over 250 pages and it wasn’t like I didn’t have anything else to do.

The one thing that could massively improve my efficiency would be to adopt this strategy in my every day life. Pick one task. Don’t start anything else until you finish it.

Of course, in my ‘natural habitst’ this proves to be a daunting challenge.

Already now am blogging while listening to the docu ‘Requiem for the American dream’.

And earlier today when I worked on my eternal work in progress novel I was listening to a German interview, with Traudl Junge, Hitler’s secretary. Sure, this isn’t completely useless, but, dear God, I would be so much more efficient if I could keep focussing on ONE task I set for myself and not start anything else before I finish it.

I notice the effect of my one book cure this past weekend. I really feel like I have a deep understanding of this topic and this book now, cause I didn’t clutter my mind with anything else.

My biggest and most scary addiction remains:

An addiction to distraction.

Cause overloading my brain with information dulls the pain and restlessness inside me.

And it has negative consequences, and I can’t stop it, and it gives me pain relief without ever fixing the root of that pain. Therefore it really fits the bill.

Hi, my name is William, and I am addicted to distraction.