Verne. It’s a fine restaurant. Usually they play good music. It’s nice to sit outside, on the square. You see all the Slovak top models pass. It’s really how some women look in this country. Not all of them, but some. As though they have just walked out of a two golddigger course. I’ll never get used to it. I saw one on the way to Verne. She looked like she had been doctored in a lab to look exactly like what one of the richest guys in the country would go for. To claim that a woman like that would settle for a penniless guy is to insult her strategic insight. We all have our ways to lead a comfortable life, so investing all you can in your looks as a woman is not a bad strategy to get that material comfort. It’s probably a bad strategy in the long run, since looks do fade and those rich guys tend to swap their trophy wives for younger models on a regular basis. It’s the first thing people from abroad notice here. That tiny but very visible minority of Slovak women looking like they are top class porn stars. If that offends you, you’re just not being fair. And it’s not their fault. If you would hear the life stories of these ladies it would quickly become clear as to why they feel the need to look so sexually attractive. Of course they would deny they are trying any such thing. It’s fashion. It’s the hot weather. Sure.

My friend doesn’t need to look like a porn star to be a very attractive woman. She has sharp wit, knows a lot, speaks more languages than most people, follows political talk shows, spots trends in society and culture and -nice bonus- has lush long hair. She’s also very well mannered and polite. The kind of classical charm you don’t see every day. The great thing is that we’re proof that a man and a woman can be ‘just’ friends.

We talk about the depressing experience of working in highschools. Not because of the children, but because of the babies: some of the fellow highschool teachers.

We talk about teaching methods, our experiences as interpreters, psychology, relationships, Slovak society, etc.

There are worse ways to spend a sunny Saturday in Bratislava.