Am not running around in the jungle with 40 kgs on my back. Am not in a war zone. So I write this post with lots of respect for the people who suffered there on both sides.

Why does this quote inspire me?

The fifth episode of Ken Burns’ Vietnam War series starts out with Roger Harris explaining how he managed to sort of cope with all the awful shit that was going on around him.

Someone told him: ‘This is war. This is what we do.’

I am not in a war zone or anything even remotely like that, but I do worry a lot about the choices I make in life. What I could have done differently, better, smarter.

And this quote calms down my monkey mind.

The stoic acceptance behind it.

Am on this path. I do stuff that don’t always seem to make sense. It’s crazy to spill your blood and guts online for the world to see.

It’s kinda abnormal to leave your own country, with its perfect healthcare system, cosy public transportation network and quiet life in the land of milk and honey, and then to go to a country that is lagging behind in many ways, a country with a tough language that I will never fully master, because I just don’t love it enough, I love it, but enough to work hard enough to become really perfect at it, am just good at it. And to survive here, build a life here. Out of all the countries I could have gone to in this world, I choose Slovakia. Why? I still can’t tell you. And then I make a very good living, doing something I really do enjoy a lot, but that am not proud of. Or the many things I try and fail at or get rejected doing.

When I think too much about these things and ask myself too many question, I now often hear this quote flashing through my mind: ‘This is war. This is what we do.’

Am gonna do what I do till the day I die. And it’s 100 percent sure I will not make it through life unscathed.

And it’s easier if you just accept that.

This is war.

This is what we do.

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