1. What is the one thing I can do today that could make everything else easier?

    Today, in my case, that is: write 7 blog posts in advance and schedule them to be published every day at 10.00 am so I won’t feel pressured to do it during the week.

    This question is really one of my top favorites.

    Not much further explanation required.

  2. Is what you are doing right now in line with your calling in life?

    This question you can ask yourself almost every time you switch to a different activity. You kinda need to know what your calling in life is to answer this question, but even if you don’t know what your calling is, don’t worry: your gut feeling will tell you if you should be spending time on something else. It will fire shame particles all over your spine. Watch for them!

  3. What can you eliminate from your life that is causing you stress for absolutely no good reason?
    I used to react to political posts on social media. I got into the most ridiculous debates with complete strangers on the internet. At a certain point in my life, anno 2015-2016 this started taking on disturbing proportions. I was becoming something like a full time volunteer in Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. At first I didn’t notice what a big chunk of time this was biting out of my day. To make matters worse, it made me feel aggressive, angry, frustrated, like I wanted to kick a few folks to shreds until they agreed that the US needed more humane policies and less war and military spending. Why was I doing this? It would have made sense if I had actually been in the us and been an active, ‘live’ volunteer, like knocking on people’s doors and having face to face conversations. As a member of a real group would probably have made friends, maybe I would have convinced a few people. Now I was just being a Twitter ‘warrior’, preaching to the choir and getting likes from people who already supported Bernie Sanders.

    In the end my gut feeling FINALLY started screaming loud enough to realize there were much better things to do. Things that would actually move me forward in life AND would allow me to influence people far more positively than by sending out Tweets. Even if some of them went viral. What did it matter? It was like trying to fart hard enough to power a windmill to generate enough electricity to save a medium  sized city.

    I have stopped commenting online. If I get negative, aggressive or plain brainless, frustrated comments I just ignore them, don’t even read them. I realize those people are in a dark hole and, for everybody’s sake, I choose not to join them.

    Am in far better place than I was back in 2016 just by eliminating things that caused me stress with no benefit in the long run for anyone. And my unofficial digital volunteering for Bernie Sanders (great guy, vote for him if you can) was just one example.

    We humans are the only animal capable of consciously doing what we know is not good for us. So we need to monitor our actions constantly and not stray from the path we need to walk. I believe all of us have a path in life. When we stray, we feel it, we are miserable. When we stay on it, we thrive and people around us also thrive.

    Your vibe attracts your tribe. If you appreciate our efforts, consider treating us to a cup of coffee.

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