You’d be surprised but am on a mental diet. I don’t put junk videos into my brain anymore. At least not as much as before.

Sometimes however my focus drifts, I start scrolling through Facebook posts and I click on something. It’s very hard for me to avoid brutality. Not because I enjoy brutality – unless in a fictional horror movie maybe – but because no matter how old I get I remain completely puzzled and shocked by it.

In this particular video you can see a middle aged man SIT on a 13 year old kid. Yes, the guy is white. Yes, the little boy is black. Is there racism behind the middle aged man’s violence? It’s likely, but not 100 percent sure. The video is disturbing. The boy’s sister keeps screaming: ‘Sir, please don’t sit on my brother.’ Again and again and again. The guy doesn’t let he go. From the sound of his voice and the look in the man’s eyes you can easily assume he’s not the brightest light under the horizon. Which is ok. But combined with his aggression and lack of impulse control it’s just plain scary. He does not seem to be mentally ok.

The boy is scared, but somehow remains relatively calm. He is more concerned for his sister’s safety than for his own and begs her to run away. Out of harm’s way.

I was shocked. As I always am when I see brutality. I always think nobody does this if deep down inside they feel secure, they feel like they can express themselves, realize their potential, feel respected and loved. One turns to violence when you feel you can’t get any respect at all. My sympathy is with the victim, but I have a splash left over for the perpetrator. I mean, how little love must you have received to become like that? I even bet that validating this person’s existence somehow could make him stop brutalizing the kid. Isn’t everything that we do a cry for love?

The point where it gets entirely dumbfounding for me is… when the advertisement starts playing.

It’s an advertisement for these practical bikes you can fold. For sure a great, useful, ecologically friendly product. Hurray. If I have to sit through any advertisement, one for bikes is not the worst one I can think of.

But why is this ad here?

Is it fair to say that Facebook is making money of… misery?

Should videos with such disturbing content be allowed to come with ads?

I am watching a video of deep human suffering and somebody is making money of that?

I get a sour taste in my mouth. It’s perverted. It’s sick.

I have a very effective ad blocker on my laptop, but not on my phone, so I got treated to this ad anyway.

I really don’t think anybody should be making money of somebody’s suffering.

The whole thing had a very dehumanizing feel.

A company as big, as rich and as powerful as Facebook could opt not to have ads on videos where people are in distress. There’s a time and a place for everything and selling bikes in the middle of a severe act of violence is just… disrespectful.

Just imagine seeing this live in front of your own eyes and a salesman jumping in front of you going: ‘Nasty business, right? Wanna buy a bike?’

Whoever drives Facebook really doesn’t care about people. It’s all about the money.