I haven’t masturbated in 2019.

I haven’t watched porn, except for maybe two minutes in total and I didn’t allow it to arouse me, in fact it just bored the hell out of me and I clicked it away. It’s the total lack of intimacy that puts me off.

I haven’t drunk coffee in almost a year.

I haven’t used speed or cocaine or marihuana in over two years.

I haven’t drunk a drop of alcohol since the 15th of November.

I haven’t been on Tinder for about half a year now.

I haven’t read any useless books.

I haven’t said yes to any business proposals that I had no interest but that I normally would have excepted in the entirely false belief that it would make me important.

I have spent a lot less time on social media.

With some notable exceptions – US imperialism in Venezuela, Israeli crimes, the way Hillary Clinton cheated flagrantly during the primaries and how Bernie Sanders should have won – I haven’t gone berserk reading about politics.

At times I have been able to spot the beauty in some little things.

I have stopped obsessing over money.

I have discovered the absolute essence in establishing deep connections with attractive women.

I have, for the most part, stopped being so angry at the world.