So I know all the things I will never be. I will never be the Belgian ambassador the US earning 25,000 euro per month just for showing up in a tuxedo and shaking people’s hands at reception where almost all people take themselves way too seriously, but in the end only the food that is served is the real issue.

I will never be a politician because I get all-out Viking attack mad when someone refuses to consider my point of view. And am too much of an introvert anyway.

Life on its simplest terms for me is:

  • spending time with beautiful souls
  • learning a couple more languages
  • writing and publishing at least one novel that is full of reflections on the world, but express my enormous love for women and also makes the female readers wet. Tell me if am being overambitious, but I think I can pull it off
  • helping a bunch of people with my single most special talent: healing people by listening to them
  • consistently cutting out all toxic people so I can devote more time to people willing to love and be loved
  • becoming more spontaneous so I can connect with even more nice people
  • making sure I don’t get bored
  • getting and staying in shape
  • spreading the love