Inevitable is Kapustnica, cabbage soup. Especially on New Year’s Eve. There are many variants, but it will be sour. Sometimes it’s with fish and sometimes with meat.

Be aware that Catholics will not eat meat on the 24th of December though this does not count for every Catholic Slovak family.

I have also been told that during the holidays some Slovaks will not eat poultry, because if the meat comes from something with wings the happiness will fly away.

They like poppy seeds around here. Not to make drugs, but to put in cakes, cookies and to add to dumplings.

You can also expect potato salad, which usually isn’t very good.

Carp will very likely be on the menu.

In the east they may skip the kapustnica and eat a kind of lentil soup I was told.

People will drink, but in a family setting not too much. If you spend Christmas eve in a cabin in the mountains the alcohol will flow more freely.

When it comes to the food it would be fair to give Slovak Christmas food a 7 out of 10. It’s decent, it fills. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to prepare, which kinda seems not worth it. Kapustnica is very tasty and I assume it’s very healthy.

You will also find all kinds of home-baked cookies which are usually not worth gaining some extra weight for.

It’s likely you will have to eat some kind of very thin cookie picturing the holy family. The host will paint a cross over it with honey.

It’s not unusual to start off the Christmas dinner with something sweet.

At my home in Belgium we don’t have any traditions that I know of. Except that most people have ice cake for dessert. It’s usually called a ‘kerststronk’, like the trunk of a tree. At my home for example we eat something else every year. In my home town marinated cow’s tongue is somewhat traditional but I have never eaten it. This year we will have steak and French fries for dinner on New Year’s eve. Being Belgian I would prefer that, but I would like to have vegetarian kapusticna to go with it.

A big problem for me here is that I don’t like the mayonaise in this country and I only the most typical sauce ‘tatarska’, because there’s often nothing else.

In Belgium we have much more sauces to go with everything and they are delicious and fat, fat, fat.

Belgian women are a lot fatter than Slovak women.

Maybe it’s the sauces…

And the waaay better pastry… which nobody tries to bake at home…

While Slovak women are baking Belgian women are probably reading…

So make sure you get Belgian girlfriends for fun and interesting conversations and get Slovak women to well, be blown away by their beauty.

Yes, I know, I went from discussing the food to discussing the women.

That’s because my top favorite meal is eating pussy and Slovak pussy is amazing.

Yeah I had to add that 🙂



1. It’s true

2. You could never say that in a regular news outlet