Whenever I see people protest for more pay, less costs of living I have very mixed feelings.

To change anything fundamental about our seriously fucked up economic system MASSIVE protests are needed and for a very long time, those protesters also need a very clear programme and leaders that cannot be bought by the establishment. The establishment needs to get very scared in the face of a united public with clear goals. For many different reasons this cocktail is unlikely to ever come about.

Are these people wasting their time? Would they be better off learning a skill that would raise their value in today’s economy? You see this is neoliberal thinking. Everyone should be marketing his own value. Unfettered capitalism. Everyone out for himself and someone all that entrepreneurial individualism will end up serving the common good. It doesn’t of course. Most of us just allow themselves to be exploited while the rich grow richer.

I know I will not go to protest, because I bill by the hour and feel like I would just be wasting my time.

However, in principle, morally, and when it comes to the greater good, these people are right. There should be massive protests, prices are too high, Macron is the spokesperson of the banks and the financial elite, the media focussed on his wife, but not what this dude actually stands for. Because the media doesn’t get paid to inform you about what is in your best interest.

Do they have my sympathy? Absolutely.

And if you haven’t become a selfish cynic like myself, I hope you will join them.

The masses are being fucked over and protests are needed. If enough of you join there may be less money in the pockets of the superrich and more in yours.

Also, next time, do not vote for right wing or center wing politicians. Just vote for people willing to tax the rich. But steer clear of communists. Real social democrats are probably the best deal you can get at the moment. People like Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and Bernie Sanders in the US are our best bet right now.

And if we ever become very intelligent we will let robots do all the work while we will use our wonderful brains to produce art, make love, make life better.

Until then human greed will have most of us slave away at jobs we – if we are honest – do not really see the point of and would stop doing if we could.