I know this guy. Technically he has never cheated on his girlfriend. So she is not mad at him. He’s done nothing ‘wrong’. He is one of the ‘good guys’.

No, he has never cheated on her. But not for lack of trying. I have seen him try and seduce a woman and I have seen him crash and burn on numerous occasions.

But he is a good guy, right? He has never ‘cheated’. Such an awful word by the way this word ‘cheated’. It was put out there by the propaganda ministry for monogamy.

If he could he would sleep with an other woman about once every two weeks. He doesn’t have the biggest libido and he doesn’t economize his time, so if he could once every two weeks would be fine. But he doesn’t, because nobody wants to. Is THAT being faithful? Technically it is, but only technically.

A man is as faithful as his options. I have only met one exception to this rule so far. And that guy is deeply religious. Without the mental chastity cage that is genuinely practiced religion there is no chance.

The saddest comment I have heard in 2018 is from a guy saying: ‘Am glad am unattractive to women because I don’t risk being unfaithful.’

Meaning that if he would consider himself to be attractive he probably would be very tempted.

Luckily for his wife he doesn’t realize he could seduce women pretty easily if he changed his self-depreciating vision of himself.

Our culture keeps confusing love with ownership.

Monogamy advocates have several things going for them and one of those things is that most guys would want to sleep around, but don’t know how.

I agree with Jesus on this one, fucking someone else in your mind is also cheating.

The difference is that I completely fail to see sex with multiple partners as a bad thing or as a sign you don’t love someone… I fail to see how the human heart could be so limited, so primitive, that it could only have enough love for one person at the same time…

Since discussions about this topic are very heated and pointless, I have learned to stay away from mono people and to only seek out poly people, cause it seems we are two different species. One of these depresses me and the other fill me with hope, generosity, a sense of blossoming and happiness.


More correct would be to say: A man is as faithful as the options he is aware of, because quite a few men have such low self-esteem that they don’t notice when women are coming on to them.