Written by a young, passionate, funny, hard-working Slovak lady who really doesn’t ask all that much to be happy. She is known as Lenuš. And this is her spot here on PEP.

At your absolute best you won’t be good enough for the wrong person.

This quote is so true, and it becomes even more true, as I read it again and again.  We can really do our best and our attempts will just hit a cold wall.

I do not know what made me do some things this week, what made me even write this, but probably it is my frustration from my relation or, possibly closer to the truth, non-relation.

Slovak women are the weirdest creations, I swear. We are like those small ceramic statuettes, wherever you put us, we stay and get dirty with dust.  We are living our lives, caring about family, working and the days are just passing like water.  All this next to the wrong person.  Yeah, we chose this person in the beginning, but like most of us will confirm, beginnings are pink, sweet and exciting. And then reality hits.

After all this time, why are we so scared to go for change? In western states, this is quite normal, not happy or satisfied in your relation anymore? Well, break up, get a divorce and steer a different course.

Slovak women are different, even if they aren’t satisfied they would rather complain than to make some changes. Are they scared that they won’t be „wanted“ anymore?

I think this is just a myth. A myth every woman can refute on her own. Last week was crazy. A busy time at work and then some relaxation in the gym. Yeah, I do exercise a lot, well, where else would I get endorphines, no?

My usual outfit is something black, hair in a tail or half free and let’s go.

On Sunday I decided to get a little more colourful, a little more sexy than I’m used to. Just needed some ridiculous stuff from shop, but anyway, I can be beautiful and sexy there too.  I don’t even know why I did it, maybe to get a quick ego fix or something, to check the reactions. And they came. A friend of my brother, who hadn’t seen me in ages just couldn’t leave his greeting to a simple hi. He just stared at me, after 3 minutes of walking around me in the shop like a restless predator, he said something like: ‘I haven’t seen you in a long time in the pub, it would be nice if you would come tonight, how about it?’ It made me speechless, as usual, but hey this super simplistic tactic works like a charm. Lipstick, nice hairdo that suggests I can

be a sweet, vulnerable woman, nice cloths and being a self-confident woman, strong moves to contrast with the vulnerability in the way I look. It’s easy. A woman who feels worthy of all attention is like a magnet to men.

But anyway, the aim wasn’t to get any invitations to go on dates, but to put a smile on my face again and cheer myself up.

All women can do this, from time to time being raw beasts.

Do not hurt anyone, just feast on the attention.

There will be man who wants you and there will be man who deserves you. Know the difference.