The abnormal media attention Trump got during the elections.

How the Republican party failed to stop Trump.

How the democratic party effectively sabotaged Bernie Sanders and made sure that Trump won. Only Bernie could have stopped Trump.

The surprising similarities between people who voted for Trump and the ones that supported Bernie.

The US has become a third world country with nukes.

A society that is amusing, twittering, instagramming and facebooking itself to death.

The US empire is staggering to its collapse, in the same fashion as the Roman empire. A bloated military, decadent leaders, a stressed working population, stagnating infrastructure, the use of force abroad, a hollowed out political system and less and less freedom for its citizens.

Chris Hedges paints a picture of the US where companies like McDonald’s use the cheap or even entirely free labour of prisons to produce its uniforms. It’s slavery by an other name.

Amazon’s workers are on food stamps. Instead of earning decent wages paid by their employer the tax payers are funding big corporations.

Workers are being exploited so harshly that soon nobody will have enough money to buy much. The gap between the few haves and the many have-nots is becoming unsustainable.

In charge in Washington is a Kleptocracy. A clique of businessmen and generals and lobbyists who are robbing the American public.

Trump is just the symptom, not the disease.

The disease is the collapse of social movements who could have put pressure on the state to enforce more human policies.

There’s widespread poverty in the US, public schools are a disaster, teachers struggle to make ends meet, if you become sick you are practically doomed unless you are rich and can afford the best health insurance. The US has become a state that does not care about its own citizens. It’s a state that prioritizes profit for its business elite. There’s a mass of disenchanted people in the US, with people getting addicted to drugs, food, entertainment, gambling, sex, … People who join hate groups out of anger and in search of some self-worth, some validation, some feeling of belonging.

How long this can continue is anyone’s guess, but it certainly won’t be forever.

I personally don’t believe it will change for the better. I predict that workers will lose even more freedom, will be pressured more, that minorities will become the scapegoat of anything that goes wrong even more, and that people everywhere will be kept passive by more sophisticated entertainment. The elite will use technology to stay in power. Anything to keep the system going. A system that functions according to the Matthew principle. Those who have shall get more and does who have not shall lose even the little they have.

Protest will not be allowed. The surveillance state will see to that.

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