The following article was written by a young Slovak lady named Lenuš . She will be posting more articles on PEP in the future. Today she starts off with something light.


Who invented Mondays? Should we punish this person?

Monday, Monday and once again Monday. Is it me, or do I just register only these days of the weeks in my life? Maybe it is because I complain about them every single time, so my brain hears some kind of alarm that this day is here again.

Monday itself means “moon day” but why did our ancestors decide this,  it’s a mystery to me. Maybe because it’s coming after Sun-day? And honestly, this pretty much shows my mood every Monday. After nice and relaxed Sundays here are those moondays.

I often wonder why we work five days and rest the remaining two. Why do we not work 4 days and relax during the remaining three? If this would be Friday or Monday doesn’t matter.

I’m not talking about huge companies. Those would probably instantly clamor how big their losses  would be with this more relaxed regime. But let’s consider smaller companies, companies where tough mental work is required.

In our company we work on this model two times per year, and after testing this for 3 years, the productivity is exactly the same as if we would work 5 days. Simply put, people work like machines, they realize they have just 4 days to do all planned things, so they do them. If you tell them ok, you have 5 days to do it, they will do it in 5 days.

But let’s go back to bad Mondays. This day bugs me a lot. The most important reason is that I do not have enough time to relax during the weekend.

I don’t remember if I ever woke up without a grumpy mood and without a violent headache on a Monday morning.

At our office I have to smile, of course, and pretend how I love those Mondays, when you open your mail box and there are 50 mails crying out for your attention.

My Mondays are about pretending I am happy to be back at work, that am happy talking to customers and suppliers.

“Coffey, Ibalgin, Scanning clocks. ”

My trio to do things on Mondays.

It helps by the way. Until a certain moment.

It is strange, but I count every minute to be back at home. And when finally I am, it is the time when my inner battery needs recharging. From what source? I don’t know.

It must be something in my brain. Like a voice telling me, ok you have survived Monday, there won’t be anything worse this week.

My battery gets filled for Tuesday and gets empty on Friday. Exactly as it should be, just with the exception of this Monday.

Tomorrow I wake up happy, will exercise, get my crazy smoothie breakfast, which makes me feel like an energy bomb and will walk to work with a smile on my face.

This time it’s a real smile.

Some funny facts about Mondays:

1. The third Monday in January is officially called the worst day of the year. Why? Scientists say people are depressed because of the winter, new year bills, loans after Christmas and much more.

2. In an average working life, you will have aproximately 1,500 working Mondays. Yeay me, just 1,500 complaining days.

3. People do online shopping on Mondays more often than on other days. True?

4. Couples usually dont have sex on this day.

5. Women look less atractive on Mondays – tested with American women. It would be interesting to see the test results for Slovak women in a similar experiment…

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