Mandy Manning has received the award for teacher of the year.

At the ceremony she staged a silent protest and refused to shake Donald Trump’s hand. Personally I think this is just being rude and a silly way of protesting. She’s already wearing a bunch of buttons that display causes Donald Trump does not support. Not shaking someone’s hand is very rude in our culture. Trump’s fans immediately started a social media frenzy saluting their local God for ‘being the bigger person’, as he still went on to praise her.

It was the best move, there are more fundamental ways to protest. She could have used the spotlight that this award grants her later, by speaking out in more profound ways against Trump’s politics.

However, as I’ve noticed time and time again, there’s something disturbing about the reactions of Republicans. Far more disturbing than refusing to shake someone’s hand.

Republicans seem to loooooove bodyshaming people.

In the thousands and thousands of online comments by Republican fans, one thing became immediately clear:

The they were calling her fat.

Ironically, lots of those people who were bodyshaming her, were clearly overweight, judging by their online pictures…

What makes so many Republicans such bullies? They did vote for the Bully In Chief, of course, but why are these people like that?

Bullies tend to be deeply insecure and have nothing going in their lives to feel proud of other than putting others down.

I also don’t get how someone can be so stupid as to try and insult someone for qualities he or she clearly has him/herself.

The United States seems to have a culture of hatred. Democrats are not much better, they seem to engage far less in bodyshaming, at least that, but they tend to call Republicans idiots.

What’s even crazier, is that both the Democratic and the Republican party both represent the interests of the elite. Their differences are actually only minor.

So while the fans of both fake teams are at each other’s throats the elite is laughing their ass off. They always wins, whether there is a Democrat or a Republican in the White House.

As a side note: Republicans love to call everything socialism, by which they usually mean any sort of support by the government for working people (which they are themselves) and to love people who get rich.

They fail to note that Amazon and Jeff Bezos couldn’t be functioning if it wasn’t for government programmes supporting Amazon’s exploited employees.

At some point the US will go the way of the Roman Empire….