So Michelle Wolf got a little sharpish in her speech at the White House correspondent’s dinner. Donald Trump did not attend, as a person with his gigantic, huge, the biggest, really, believe me, ego, can’t bare to just sit there and be made fun of. He prefers to make fun of people himself, like people who struggle with severe physical disabilities. You can YouTube that… it’s a real hoot…

We are taking about a man who gets insecure when the size of his hands is mentioned, like some teenager unsure about the size of his penis, a guy who needs to pick dandruff of the shoulder of France’s president, Macron, in a clear act to try and belittle the guy. A bit of condescending grooming like older male apes will do to younger apes they feel intimidated by. A guy who sees women as objects you can use. A guy who gives hush money to porn stars. A guy who spreads the most negative cliches about Mexicans, ridicules women for being fat or not physically attractive in his eyes.

That’s all ok.

So why all the outrage now?

What makes good comedy so funny, is a not so secret ingredient: The Truth.

Jokes that highlight something we all know to be true, are funny. An unexpected take on reality to make it really hit us. That’s why comedy is so incredibly important to unmask, to show reality, to hold us to moral standards, to expose the powerful and the hypocrites without resorting to physical violence.

What did she really say?

  • That cabinet members under the Trump administration are quickly replaced
  • That Republicans are aggressive and violent, but that Democracts are so ridiculously incompetent that Republicans win anyway, no matter how scandalous their acts and statements
  • That Starbucks has a racist approach to its clients, when it throws out black people and calls the police on them even though they didn’t do anything wrong. Oh, and Starbucks thinks it can fix systemic racism by training their staff for one afternoon on how to avoid trouble like this…
  • That Trump is a crook and not as rich as he pretends to be
  • That Trump is probably not good in bed (does anyone really wish to claim the opposite? How could this guy be a good lover? He’s totally self-centered… )
  • That CNN’s news coverage is extremely limited in scope, that their breaking news isn’t really breaking news
  • That the mainstream media who like to demonize Trump also hugely benefit from Trump. The seem to hate him, but they must love him, since he’s been incredibly good for their views, and thus for their revenue. They created him.
  • That Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water (that was her last remark, by which she probably wanted to say that this president clearly has other priorities than ensuring his citizens have access to clean tap water….)
  • That the mainstream media lacks substance
  • That Trump’s entourage lies
  • That American teachers need real support, not guns

Let’s also state the exceedingly obvious here, since some seemed to miss this point. Michelle Wolf is a COMEDIAN. She makes a living enlarging aspects of reality to generate a comical effect. When Donald Trump says outrageous things he does so as the president of the nation, and as such, is a huge symbol for what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior in American culture…

If anyone has signalled to the nation that bullying people is an acceptable strategy it’s Donald Trump, not Michelle Wolf.