There’s no penis hygiene section in any store, but many stores sell soap and other articles meant for vaginas.

Vaginas are self-cleansing. They maintain a certain kind of balanced environment that can only be damaged from the outside. Like with soap designed for vaginas. A total scam. You don’t need soap.

You can use a very mild soap to wash your labia, but that’s it. You certainly don’t need the vagina section to get soap like that, and you certainly don’t need to pay extra for it.

If you want to develop yeast infections and other unpleasant afflictions all you need to do is start using all those female hygiene products on a regular basis.

Also throw in scented menstruation pads. There’s nothing like putting perfume in your undies to mess up your vagina.

Bottom line: you vagina is completely healthy without all those products. They’re a scam.

Like yakult is a scam. You know, that yoghurt drink that’s supposed to enhance your gut flora with Lactobacillus casei Shirota? Your gut produces that of itself, you don’t need to drink it. What happens when you do drink it every day? Your body stops making it. Now you do need to drink it, because your body figured, hey, it’s coming in anyway, why bother?

The same goes for conditioner and many other hair products.

You simply do NOT need them. Ever. They are a scam. If you use them, they could potentially cause far more harm than do any good.

And none of you are taking any vitamins, right? It’s very unlikely you’ll be getting any serious vitamin intake through pills. Very unlikely. What is likely however is that there are toxic metals in those vitamin supplements.

So, wash your vagina with the mildest soap, don’t put anything in, forget scented menstruation pads, ditch most hair products besides simple shampoo, and save lots and lots of money. Spend that money on shoes. Shoes do seem to make women feel better. And as long as you don’t wear high heels all the time they won’t damage your back.

If you know of other products that are marketed to us as ‘healthy’ but that you do not need at all, please let us know.