We heard comedian and writer Robert Webb say this in an interview and went: ‘So true!’ and did a little dance, which is why we don’t do video blogs, because we dance like drunk penguins with a balance problem on a field of broken glass.

The description of his book got us pretty excited too:

‘RULES FOR BEING A MAN Don’t Cry; Love Sport; Play Rough; Drink Beer; Don’t Talk About Feelings But Robert Webb has been wondering for some time now: are those rules actually any use? To anyone? Looking back over his life, from schoolboy crushes (on girls and boys) to discovering the power of making people laugh (in the Cambridge Footlights with David Mitchell), and from losing his beloved mother to becoming a husband and father, Robert Webb considers the absurd expectations boys and men have thrust upon them at every stage of life. Hilarious and heartbreaking, How Not To Be a Boy explores the relationships that made Robert who he is as a man, the lessons we learn as sons and daughters, and the understanding that sometimes you aren’t the Luke Skywalker of your life – you’re actually Darth Vader.’

Check it out here.

Why did we post this?

Because we are tired of only having heart to conversations with male friends when we’re all completely soaked in alcohol.