Alienation. Allison Lee’s work has its roots in a sense of hostility encroaching on a world that was once peaceful and promising. Skipping the exit route of the cynic, she expresses her craving for firm roots, yet she’s suspicious of anything that presents itself as harmonious, stable or permanent. An early influence on her creative output is a premonition of disruption. She discovered her love for painting at 14 while attending an art school in Gent, Belgium. Her majors In high school were fashion and textile design. She studied visual arts in college, graduating with great honors in 2010. She went on to study audiovisual arts/animation. Especially her mixed media illustrations embody this versatility. She serves a cocktail of the familiar and the unsettling. Her experience as an expat has only added to that. Having grown up in Belgium – a country full of contrasts and home to lots of surrealist artists- she moved to the US in 2014. She fuels her work with both antagonistic and appeasing motives. Allison Lee’s work has been featured in the media and in galleries. She adores her son and when she’s not painting she’s turning dough into mesmerizing cookies. (written by William Peynsaert)

You can catch a glimpse of her work on Instagram