1. Let it become as safe for cyclists as in the Netherlands

I can imagine a completely different Bratislava with thousands and thousands of cyclists everywhere, not just one or two… Yes, it’s that bad. I wish students could go to school by bike and that adults could go to work on a trusty, eco-friendly steel horse. It would do so much for the atmosphere. The city would be less noisy, less dangerous, it gives general feeling of freedom. I really think making Bratislava and all other Slovak cities very cycling friendly would do wonders for the vibe of this country.

2. Teach Slovak drivers manners

In Austria, which is next door, cars stop when you so much as point at a crossing for pedestrians. Over here they sometimes hit the gas! Slovaks are a passive, calm, almost sedated people, EXCEPT when they are at a wedding in the east of the country OR when they get behind the wheel of a car…

3. A sexual revolution

Sex between humans is dying, but you can read about that in other posts.It would be really nice around here if the people could shake off the christian indoctrination that sex is a bad thing, that it’s evil, and that it’s only allowed within certain, very narrowly defined, boundaries. I wish everyone would just lose their neurotic hick-ups when it comes to sex. I agree with Wilhelm Reich that the suppression of genuine sexual desire is pretty much the root of all evil. To name just one tiny example: it’s not the sexually satisfied people that are spamming your instagram account with their ‘sexy’ selfies. And it’s not the sexually satisfied people who are unable to have an open discussion about sexuality in all its facets.

4. Strong, honest, independent labor unions

People in this country are screwed over because they bend over backwards. There’s no real uniting force around here, except for the church, but the church only uses words and doesn’t build a real movement, from time to time it just laments the state of things, but it’s actually totally fine with the status quo, because the church is a separate nation, the Slovak, Belgian, French church don’t care about the nation they are in, they mostly care about THE church, especially the people high up in the clerical pecking order.

I’m a bit in doubt about number 4, because Slovak employees’ willingness to be fucked hard in all holes has attracted a lot of foreign employers. Unemployment is low in the west of the country. Many people have jobs, but a Slovak job is really a j.o.b., meaning Just Over Broke. Many Slovakians live practically hand to mouth.

5. Radically different political parties and initiatives like the Zeitgeist movement proposes

This is too complicated to really go into. You’d have to be familiar with the Zeitgeist movement. And Slovakia can’t do this on its own, it would chase away rich people to countries where they are still sticking to the ‘old’ way.

There are ways to let everyone work far less, unless they really want to, we could easily get by with 20 hour work weeks, we could guarantee all people the basic necessities of life. I’m not promoting communism, I’m not promoting the forced financial equality of all people, if you create more value than your neighbour, you can reap the benefits of that, but within reason. There really is such a think as the Matthew effect (the Bible does have some interesting passages). Those who are succesful -which involves a good deal of luck- take it all, and those that have little, will lose even the little they have. There are ways to counter that, in a non-violent way, but we are far from that today. We live in world in which, ever since Ronald Reagan, the superrich have managed to convince us that it’s good for everyone if they stay the superrich.

Like I said, stuff like this makes many people’s hair stand on end. Check out Peter Joseph, especially his book ‘the new human rights movement’.


In the picture you see Bratislava anno 1960. More bikes in one pictures than you see in one whole year in this city nowadays!